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    So I'm planning on doing my first build just to try out a motorized bike and see if ill actually use it. Firstly sorry if i sound cheap, i don't want to make a huge investment and realize i don't use it as much as i hoped.

    i realize i'm going to have to buy extra things to get my bike up and running properly. I only want the ESSENTIALS for a Chinese motor kit. so this is what i have so far on my list:

    US Hardware (to replace Chinese hardware)
    new spark plug
    bearing grease (to grease hub bearings)
    loctite (not sure which one. red or blue?)

    anything else i need to do or replace on my kit to get it running on the lowest settings? remember only the essentials. i cant stress enough how much money i DON'T want to spend. :grin5:
    oh my motor kit is a Zoombicycles 80cc kit.
    thanks a lot.

  2. GearNut

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    New spark plug wire with spark plug socket.
    Red loc-tite requires heat or special tools to remove or loosen fastener in the future.
    Blue is service removable, but breaks down much faster in high heat applications.
    One variation of green loc-tite is heat resistant, but you'll never get it loose in the future when you need to. I stay away from it.

    I would add chain lube to the list.
  3. Dobroknow

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    I think a $3 chain-breaker is essential . You will need to shorten your chain .
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    I'm frugal, my wife calls me cheap. I bought a "Goodwill" cruiser, and made my bike for under $200.00...(had to buy new tires and tubes). Made a buddy a cruiser from a "New" Chinamart bike for under $300.00. I know at these times it will more due to the fact you paid more for your engine then I did ($125.00). I've done all the mods that I'm going to do except a shift kit.
    1. Change out both plug and wire. Less then $5.00
    2. Upgrade to grade 8.8 hardware. Less then $6.00
    3. I use red loc tite..removal isn't a issue with any stud. Use NO bolts. Small bottle $10.00
    4. Made custom front mount. Mount engine to frame...not frame to engine. Out of scrap
    5. Stock clutch will be hard to pull, I made a cable roller. Less then $5.00
    6. Works on mine,,some say it doesn't on theirs...a boost bottle. Scrap PVC and $3.00 in brass fittings
    7. Mill head before reinstalling. No charge, just use fine grit sandpaper
    8. Seal up intake, I used a "O" ring. $0.25
    9. My engine came with 2 head gaskets installed..remove
    10. Proper torque.. 6mm 50-60" pounds...8mm 150-200" pounds.
    11. Made a engine torque bracket. Scrap materials.
    12. I use a 4" or my bench grinder vs chain breaker.
  5. Brownguy

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    Hey thanks so much for all the info. Being the noob i am, can you please clarify things for me?
    whats the torque bracket and how do i adjust it to the proper torque?
    also what do you mean mill the head? i have plenty of 220 grit sandpaper.
  6. Al.Fisherman

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    Lay the sandpaper on a sheet of glass, or tape to a window. Take the head and lay the gasket surface on the paper and sand..side to side, up and down, round and round. Only take enough off so the gasket surface is shinny.
    That's milling the head. I also use Copper Kote (gasket sealer) on ALL metal to metal gaskets. Have done this for the past 45+years.

    On these cast aluminum engines 6mm studs torque to 50-60 inch pounds and 8mm studs to 150-200 inch pounds using a torque wrench. NOTE...INCH POUNDS
    Picture below of the bracket. Look at the 9:00 position on the clutch cover.

    The bracket keeps the engine from rotating on the bike tubes, as 50 inch pounds is what I use and really not enough to keep the engine in place. The engine has a tendency to rotate to the left due to engine torque, thus putting unwanted stress on engine mount studs.
    One other thing..the stud standoffs help when torquing, as there really isn't enough room between the nut and bracket for a socket.

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  8. Spend the money and buy a good one..For future problems it will break first use normally..I use fatter chains on my builds tho..