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    I looked around, and found that Sun Alum 7 speed, pay about $250 plus some modifications at the bike shop (12 guage spokes, slime tubes, inner tire liners)

    I've bought nearly of twenty now, any time a customer doesn't have a bike, this is the one I point to. It was the closest thing to a $450 Schwinn that I could find.


    They stay tight, and I like the foam handlebars, because my basket never squeeks.

    They have good brakes, and 7 speed is nice for casual peddling around with the motor off.

    My main consideration are those half fenders, all's I have to do is flip the back one around so it stays out of the way of my rear mounts.


  2. bamabikeguy

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    The reason I mention this Sun Alum 7 model is someone mentioned the regular Sun Cruiser, which was the FIRST Sun Model one I bought from my favorite bike shop, the Peddler in Decatur, AL.

    Paul, the bike shop owner, had a floor model of that regular Cruiser, and I needed something better than that Wal-Mart Avalon I started with.

    They have the fattest tires available, and the gel seat was standard equipment.


    He gave me an older J & B Importers catalog, and that's where I found that Sun Alum 7, and he admitted never noticing that model before.

    I ordered two, and when he had them ready, he said it was one of the best bikes he saw for the money. He switches out my rear spokes on assembly, and for $10 extra, will swap the 10" saddle for a 12" gel.


    Last time I went up there, he had 5 or 6 on the floor, said it was now his best seller in the Sun line.

    I think the handlebars are longer, I'll go measure to make sure, because the cruiser at the top is my "demo bike" my goat chasing and fence checking mode of transport.

    BUT, working around those HALF-fenders on the Alum 7 is a lot easier than the FULL-fenders on the regular cruiser. My guess is there is a 5-8 pound difference in weight also.

    So, just a suggestion, because 7 speeds are nice to have for motor-off peddling on city sidewalks and bike parks.

    I am OUT OF SHAPE, and don't think I could use the single speed to manuever home if I ran out of gas.
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    yup, bama', i'm totally loving sun bikes, they're really nice... :)

    and i agree that a rear (pedal) multi-speed is the way to go 8)
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    Just to confirm, I went out and measured tip to tip the handlebars from the goat bike to the Alum 7.

    25 inches versus 28 inches, and the depth is greater also.

    You learn as you go, the Avalon had straight handlebars, and with a thumb throttle, my elbow ached after 30 minutes.

    I had Paul put curved handlebars on one of the Avalons to make it better, (then discovered I could fashion a wire "cruise control" to slip on the thumb throttle and free my right hand anyway).

    But, the 28" inches is perfect for my mirror, the 25" is bare minimum for rear view un-obstructions.

    Even if you go with the ONE speed, before you buy, compare the Alum model to the Retro model with the full fenders, and I'll bet you see another benefit on that cross peice that the half fender attaches to.

    I mean, it's only conjecture, but your center mount engines allow a rear rack, which I can't design (yet), and that cross peice could be used to stablize a rear rack, if the rider wanted to put something heavier duty over the rear tire.