Sun Drifter cruiser...good for an engine?



I'm looking for a new home for my 48cc, and I was looking at the Sun Drifter from Sun Bicycles; they're not too expensive (about $275 shipped). Have any of you had any experience or heard anything about mounting a engine on one of these? (The pic below obviously shows it as an e-bike, but of course that's aftermarket!)

imo: it looks like a pretty easy build, the rear mount looks like bolt-on, leaving you to build a custom front, you might even be able to use the existing lugs and screws if they're strong enuff. i bet in no time you're gonna see all kinds of ideas about that. the tank would look great on that bike. if i had the chance, i'd do it in a flash :)

btw-i think it makes a great lookin' e-bike, too 8)
I agree with Augie, it shouldn't be too hard to set up. You might have to level your carb if you mount to the seat post, it has a bit more angle than most bikes. Maybe you could fab an angled block for the rear mount to help keep the engine level. The bike has some nice lines and looks like a comfortable ride. Looking forward to seeing more...Kelly
Well, I think I've changed my mind. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of the Sun Drifter, but I think - considering my low level of expertise and almost no fab skills - I would be better off with the Qurve by Greenline. I still think it's a very sleek-looking bike and was recommended by Roland at it's $100 cheaper! The only thing I'm gonna have to get around is mounting the gas tank.

Now to figure my tax refund to see if I can afford it... :???:

OK, I caved; I bought the Qurve from Greenline from Spooky Tooth today! I talked to Roland there, and he was a huge help. He's going to get the bike ready for a motor and then ship it up to me. He's very passionate about these things, and made it sound like he truly wants to help me out.

I also ordered a bent seat post 'cause being 6'1", sometimes I feel like my knees are gonna hit my chin when I pedal. :???:

I'll find out more when it arrives...