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    How many of you are riding a Sun EZ-3 Trike? and what type of motor are you running gas or electric? Show us some pictures!:cool:

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    hi tinker,

    at last i found your original post, this would have saved all the pms, i like the color of your trike, looking good and once you get some power on their its going too be way to much fun, just remember to brake before cornering as am sure you know,

    cool factor 100%

    handling (which way to the emergency room).......

    this is a link to the company were my engine is coming from if you surf around the recumbent pages at the bottom you will see your trike decked out !!!

    its going to be a friction drive, although for you model, staton also has a chain drive kit especially designed for your trike.

    i love the way he warns to beef up the rear end for the honda kit, that must be a BEAST

    I thought about this setup for a while but with the cambered wheels i would have had to get some special mods done, welding etc so thats why i stuck to the friction drive a cleaner, simple solution, hopefully next year i intend to build a custom delta trike with one of these chain drive kits.

    at the moment i feel like a little boy waiting outside the candy store waiting for the doors to open, i cant wait to get my hands on my new toy,

    watch out vegas hear comes the crazy irishman.....

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    I think I will stick with the E-4 elec. motor I dont want to kill myself just yet.
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    luckily they built a new hospital about 2 blocks from me, so as long as i can peel myself of the asphalt i should be able to crawl to the ER,

    When are you going to electrify the bike, sometime soon i hope, lots of pics please, i just came back from the park with the kids in tow, its so much fun riding the trike, totally relaxed riding position, and when the old knees start to get a bit tired a little push on the throttle and......yes believe it or not i actually love pedaling this machine and just use the motor for a Little help on the hills.

    The cool thing about that kit is that there is no major work needed, the motor has a bracket that fits the frame perfectly, the cables can be zip tied to the frame, battery pack sits behind the rear seat, although that might mess with you trailer hitch, the hardest part is putting the throttle on the bars, use soapy water to take of the grip, and you also have to break a link in the chain to run it threw the motor cog,apart from that installation should be a breeze.
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    Candy Store

    I know what you mean with the kid and the candy store, Thats how Iam. Got my fenders mounted made some more mods to the trailer. I think I will be ok with the battery pack and it wont be in the way of the trailer hitch. Ive been out of work for a few months now waiting for disablity. As soon as I can get some money I want to go electric on the bike. I was checking out the links you sent me. Man that gas engine is 100 buck less then the electric. What I like about the electric is it is quite those little gas motors sound like little chain saws. I guess Im getn old. Ha Ha I can also relate about the old knees hurting had surgery total knee replacement on my left knee still having a prob with it wish I elec assist already. Take care:cool:
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    Hay have you heard any good things about Wilderness Energy. The have a kit that would only run about 400 bucks that I could use on my bike.
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    hi tinker i briefly had in my procession

    (a front wheel hub motor from golden motor, their 16 inch would only cost you $340 + batteries. Anyhow it was a 26 inch standard wheel which fitted on a cheap mountain bike, i used it once or twice and then sold it, too many projects.)

    The wheel itself had alot of power it was heavy 36volt # 12 volt in box, not so much an issue with the trike plenty of room at back. It is worth considering, unfortunately i cant give you an honest opinion on it because i didn't really ride it too much.

    check out the electrical fourms for the hub wheel kits and see what you come up with, the bike might be a bit heavy for the wheel hub assist, but you never know until you ask someone who has experience using them.

    pics of my new upgrades, stealth mode electric.... power....HONDA....
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    i didnt realise this before but the kit i bought is basically a cyclone USA kit with modified parts etc. cheaper, not sure will have to dig up invoice, + considering the cost of batteries and fabbing your own mount would probably work out to be same price.
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    tinker you still out there,

    i wanted to ask you if that half fairing you have fitted to your trike is any good, i have two options the standard sun option, the one you have, or a full front faring which runs almost $350...

    Since the smaller fairing is around $80 i dont want to waste money on it if i have to upgrade to the full body in a couple of months anyhow...
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    The fairing I have on my EZ-3 was one I took off a motorcycle that I had. I sold the bike but kept the fairing. I didnt want to pay for an edge fairing I think it was $149.00 . The cycle fairing I payed $76.00 for it. It looks good but I dont go fast enough to really make a difference. A full fairing would be nice but I dont want to pay $300 price tag.
    By the way hows your new motor doing. Whats your top speed? I trying to get some money together I think Im going to go with the staton robin-subaru 33cc setup. I hope it will give me enough power. I talked to demintion edge they quoted $800 for my trike even though I like it better. Moneys always a factor. :confused:
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    hi tinker,

    Wow i thought that was the orginial fairing from sun it fits your bike perfectly, i think i will shell out the $75 for the shorter fairing and leave it be. I would like the full one as well but i am concerned it would probably be trashed up pretty bad in less than 12 months, maybe in a couple of years.

    AT the moment i am running with the 1 1/2 wooden roller and some aggresive tires (i need to change back to slicks) flat cruising i am doing around 15 to 18 comfortable with a top speed of 23 to 25 mph. It doesnt sound too fast but on my wifes trike thats plenty of power for her since this delta style is not the fasted cornering. Motors great, purrs along like a dream, still babying her as its still breaking in.

    The engine is restricted at the moment, once i get my new urethane rollers i will put slicks back on, take the restrictor off (temp) and see what this engine is really capable off, with the 1.3/4 roller am sure i could push 35 to 40 easy this honda engine is pretty powerful which could be dangerous on this thing.

    I went with the DE system because of two key factors

    the kids been towed behind
    because of the ease of install

    Because of the cambered wheels it causes its own set of problems which cgbjake and aerogoblin have on the usx version of the sun trike but seem to have solved with some professional hands. Your trike with the single axle makes the staton kits an easy setup plus it will save you an extra $300 or so which is a big factor in anybodys book.

    As far as engine i have no experience with the robin- subaru so you might want to check out some of the other threads to find out about the power the motor has, these are different rigs too, so choosing the right engine will be critical espicially if you intend towing around the trailer with added weight.

    Gave staton a call and talk to Dave if you can, hes hard to get a hold off but hes knows his stuff, and when you tell him about the trike and the terrain, hilly flat etc he will be able to suggest the best setup for your ride.