"Sun Metal Products-1982" front drum...questions



well, here it is!! what a mondo-wheel, regardless of the brake...7/16" axle, huge ?g spokes...a real beauty of an upgrade :)

i have to modify the dropouts to take the huge axle & i'll have to fab an arm-anchor. i won't be able to do that until my buddy don gets back into town...4 days of staring at it with a stoopid dreamy look on my face :LOL:

it seems the "works" belong on the right side...but can it be mounted in either direction?

this is such a cool piece of bicycle memorabilia, marked "Sun Metal Products-1982"/V.905...anyone have any idea what "vehicle" it was produced for?

a major THANK-YOU to the guy(s) who helped me round this up!!! :D :D


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from looking at mine I think they are sided - ie it'll only work the way its set up to work (left side or right side)... but its probably worth experimenting...

good luck with it

Jemma xx
when I bought my sturmey archer XFD front drum, I called sturmey and the tech told me it didn't matter which way it was oriented, but the conventional side was left (same side as coaster arm)
I have used it both ways (on the chopper and the mtn bike), and never had a problem
as to the maker...possibly sun bicycles?
i still don't know any more than that, but i found it interesting.

yes, both you and jemma have helped, by being positive...i think if i have a look inside i can figure out if i can reverse the rotation...i'd like to make use of the existing lug on the whizzer forks if i can.
Drum Brake Wheel

All of the drum brakes I've ever come across can be used on either side. They are really very simple mechanisms inside consisting of two brake shoes,
and a return spring. the actuator arm on the outside rotates a cam on the inside to spread the shoes against the drum. Looking at the photos it appears to me that you opted for a wheel that was originally rear mounted (short slotted brake anchor arm). You should have no trouble modifing this to work with the existing achor location on the Whizzer Fork. The brake cable routing will be in front of the fork leg as the brake is currently set up but even that can be easily switched back to the rear of the fork. I'm sure you will have no trouble accomplishing these changes.

Normally the pivot of the brake-actuating arm points "forward", and the cable-end of the arm is backwards--but they will work either way.

The Worksman I have and a few others I've seen online were "reversed", and generally mounted with the cable & arm on the left side (opposite the pedal chain, that is...).
hey, 'scully.

i'm positive you're right about what i'm gonna find inside (many yrs experience running an independant "fair muffler" shop in st. charles MO) but you'll notice i'm never shy about asking the right question before i go a'guessing, i'm very new to working on bicycles at this level of required expertise :)

when i'm finished working those shoes and drum, it'll be smooth as can be, but i'll say this...no way i'm gonna mod this beauty piece, i can make the adaptors i need no problem...

and i bet you can understand me if i say i feel pretty tickled that i'll be riding around the country on such a fine example of "Made In USA"... :cool:

doug, thanks for the worksman input. i'm sure the two are quite similar in design, too. i'll put some pics up and you can tell me :)
brand new, forgot to mention that. it seems it just sat somewhere for a long long time before it found it's way thru someone else to me.

reversable, which clears the way for whatever i wanna do. it'll clean up real nice.
a shot o' brake-cleen is in order, but i think i got me a great set of stoppers here:
interesting tho is the threads tell me the inside of this drum maybe hasn't seen daylight in the whole 25 years, and there's no sign of there ever being a sprocket involved...a quick-change front, maybe?