Sunlite Center Stand

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  1. MMStingray

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    I bought the Sunlite center stand, about $30 shipped from Amazon.

    I have the type of bike that requires a top plate for the kick stand, as there is no boss welded in my frame to accommodate a kickstand without the top plate, and I had to go out and buy a 40mm bolt (I used the top plate for my old kickstand).

    It didn't hang offensively low or anything, and actually looked pretty sharp. I had no delusions of being able to stand on my bike and start it or anything. I usually just lean it over on its side with the kickstand down, just enough to keep the rear wheel off the ground as I kick. I'm also holding onto the seat while I do this to not put too much strain on the kick stand.

    Well, that method works with the original kickstand, but with the center stand, I bent it but good. The metal is just too soft for it. So, it's great for keeping your bike upright, to be sure (just be careful because it doesn't take effort much to get the kickstand to kick up), but that's all it should be used for.

  2. SdCruizer

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    I use a jackstand under the pedals to start it
    works great that way

    I have another brand centerstand the one that folds up like a typical kickstand to one side so nothing hanging down
    the bolt stripped because it always loosens up from vibrations
    But it has lifetime warranty
    My replaced one I was careful with it, and again bolt comes loose. So I bet in the future its going to strip again.
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  3. V 35

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    Use Red LocTite on the bolt. Use Blue if you plan to remove stand later. Either way, let dry 24 hours before riding. Are threads visible from below ? If so, add a stop nut.
  4. SdCruizer

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    tried red, comes loose
    bolt goes into threaded hole, no opening on bottom of hole
    so I cant even re tap it when they strip
    only fix would be heli coil but to buy a kit costs alot, the stand does have lifetime warranty and ive already used it once
    still have old stripped stand too
  5. darwin

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    Drill the hole all the way through then retap, if its the same stand I had it should work.