sup, am noobatron. :B

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    Hey guys, I recently just saw this very interesting subject on a youtube video and i've been intrigued with this whole scene.

    I like interesting, mechanical things. Motors, science, video games. Anything that is fun and interesting. I have never worked on any type of motor since I don't have the resources nor permission to do so.

    I want to get into this type of scene since it looks very cool and it will fuel my passion to learn interesting **** :3

    Hopefully soon when I finish my class A license I shall be able to buy my first kit. I live in California so i think it may be a bit difficult (since most online vendors don't sell to California? 0.o) Does anyone know where I may find some kits that sell to residents of California? i'm looking for a bike as well. What is the ideal bike type for a motor? I want to get a geared bike and have a jackshaft set-up because let's face it, one speed is not exciting. :B

    Well yeah thank you for reading this. :3

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    Welcome aboard!