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  1. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    I've been using this site to answer my questions for a while now. and just thought I'd pipe in. I commute to work everyday on a shift kitted 2-stroke kulana moon dog.

    I come from a bicycle background more than a motorcycle background. I'm an ex bicycle mechanic. I absolutely love this bike. it makes getting around this town, fast and fun. I've set it up with a shimano 7 speed cassette and freehub body on a 9 speed 36h deore LX disc hub and axle. Makes for a very strong and upgradeable rear wheel. I've got a shimano generator front disc hub with an 8" rotor. the best part is a frankenfork of a front shock. it's a 1997 1" threaded judy xc steerer tube, crown, and lower stanchions coupled to 1999 Judy hydra-coil internals and lowers. This allows for customizable front coil springs and different weights of the oil (118cc's in each leg!)

    Thanks for the advice over the evolution of my bike. it's been three years since version one and now I'm on version three which i think will be the final version. I've never posted but I've used this site quite a bit for research and entertainment. I'm going to try to post a photo of my ride now, we'll see...

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  2. PatrickW

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    Glad you pipped in, and welcome to the MBc. Awesome build, there. Quite a feat, to say the least. I have a Delta Trike w/Robin-Subaru 4-stroke. Has 21 possible pedal gears (actually 13-14 if you shift them right). The whole build is outlined in the 'Trike Build' area under "Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power". I learned a heck of a lot since then. Oh, have I...!!! All of the pics at the end are after the bugs were worked out.

    Anyway, happy riding! PatrickW
  3. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    i read your trike thread. sounds like fun. with a trike you have tons of room for any engine you would like. I personally would run some sort of morini motor. but that's just me. right now I have a honda 4 stroke weedwacker engine (gx31) lyin' around that I would like to find a way to install as a frame mount (in the middle)
    but it just seems a bit too wide for a bicycle frame. I know I could install it on a rear rack but the look has to be right or I just won't want to ride it. my kulana has the perfect look but not the perfect engine. I really would not mind having a small v-twin harley replica engine I've seen on youtube but again the width issue creeps up. I'm also thinking about just biting the bullet and designing my own v-twin, ultra narrow, integrated clutch, engine for my kulana. we'll see
  4. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Woah, I'm liking that front fork already.
  5. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    That's a great looking cruiser. It looks like you have strong struts on those fenders to prevent a collapse.
  6. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    welcome from FH :)
  7. sideshowbob

    sideshowbob Member

    Hey from an old Flagger

    Hey Buddy, nice to see a rider in the high north, I lived in Flag for 18yrs. Do you happen to be liv'n on Summit Ave. ? I used to live in a house there that looked a lot like where your bike is lean'n. Do you know Garrett or about the Kiva? (On Aspen St./or at Macy's) he's a bike freak with 40 or so bikes in his backyard shop and would be way into help'n you out if needed. Tell him Hi if you meet him, he's always at Macy's for his coffee, you can't miss his styley 3 speeds and Dutch bikes. :D You live in such a great town for motorbicycling I hope there are more folk there that are into it. I'd kind of like to retire there and have a motorbicycle shop in my old age since they are legal there. Here in Oregon you have to register title and insure them (what a cost and pain). Kepp on riding. Nice to meet you. Ken in Salem/sideshowbob.
  8. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    Yes the struts are a little bit bigger in diameter than the usual **** on
    these bikes. they still resonate bad though. you guessed right, I live in the
    attic of this house. great place, annoying landlord, who is always at the door
    or on the phone for something. she won't leave me alone! it's almost to
    the point where I'm thinking about moving. but I probably won't I just like
    the apt too much.
  9. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    Garrett, yep, I know him through Patty West. good guy. great bikes
    I'm actually into the whole townie thing myself. I've got a 1986
    trek elance townie, a 1991 schwinn crisscross 700c townie type ride, also
    a really cool specialized crossroads with a pair of yellow striped 700c
    cross tires. makes the black bike stand out pretty good. I pedal commute
    as well during the nicer weather and when the weather gets colder
    that's when the MB comes out. I would rather just sit there all bundled up
    when it's zero out than pedal. I work at NAU so my commute is only 2.5
    miles long. I feel a little guilty not pedaling that short of a distance but
    the Kulana is just too much fun.
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