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    I created a monster! My 80cc from china goes. I had an old GT Outpost with Tange Chromoly that I made custom by hacking the rear part of the seat tube right where the seat stays join to the seat tube. It gave me that board track look I wanted so that the seat height lines up with the top tube. I then took an extra roadbike fork and flexed it out over the original fork drop outs and put a rear skewer threw the whole thing. I found a big old reflecter that I put on the front extra fork using spare head set bolts. It gave me that vintage leaf spring fork look. Final touches were bmx bars slanted down and toward me and a rear rack with saddle bags.

    I have been riding it for any short aron, but this weekend I rode it round trip to the surprise of family 34 miles. I was so happy because I remember making that ride on my road bike and being a sweaty mess - but not this time.

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    welcome to MBC! good luck and happy motoring...
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    Welcome to MBc. Please post a pic of your build. Sounds interesting.