Super heavy duty front freewheel

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  1. Pablo

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    Last year we decided to go to the source and have a custom freewheel made. As you might imagine, having a custom freewheel manufactured is not an inexpensive proposition, but we wanted a bulletproof front freewheel. Made in USA exclusively for Sick Bike Parts by White Industries.

    Super Heavy Duty Freewheel

    Also we are now selling a freewheel removal tool.

    Freewheel Removal Tool

  2. DetonatorTuning

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    is the new HD freewheel thicker or diff. in any way that will affect the alignments of an established build ?

  3. Ghost0

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    That is a bit of a tricky question and it depends on the application but here is the simple answer. Yes it is essentially a direct replacement. However, the mounting flange is slightly thicker which offers a little more space between the two chainrings reducing the chances of the two chains touching.

    As far as construction it is a completely different freewheel. It uses a 3 pawl engagement system compared to 2 with the standard ones and also has a precision sealed bearing as apposed to the loose ball type.
  4. Pablo

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    Jim nailed it. They are the same, but not identical. You can take a Dicta FW off and put a White one on, though. Same screws.
  5. Pablo

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    Here's a shot of both from opposite sides. Don't have the same perspective view of both right now.

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  6. svejkovat

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    Little help understanding this item? I was looking everywhere for front freewheels and they are generally listed as bmx trials bike accessories. Here for example..
    ..where they are listed as variously 9 pawl, 6 pawl, or "two sets of three pawls".
    Is your SHD freewheel three "sets" of pawls, therefore a "nine pawl"?

    I was trying to figure out how to weld/attach chainrings to one of these. But it looks like you might have developed exactly what I'm looking for.

    Your version seems to be modeled on the bottom-most 'White Industries" but in place of the toothed sprocket, it has a flange for mounting chainrings. Do I have this right?
  7. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Sounds like marketing "stuff". Ours has 3 locations/sets of pawls.

    Yes, you can see it in the pictures.
  8. svejkovat

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    Thanks so much, I looked at the photos and at your video. This is exactly what I need.

    What is the cost of a replacement bearing to have on-hand for spare?
    I'm new here and elsewhere was posting to get advice on applying a 4cycle weed trimmer engine to the crankset instead of the rear hub. Essentially that is how I found my way to sickbikeparts and then backward to this link!

    I'd like to order the Heavy Duty front freewheel and your chainrings. I'll have to conceive of a way to reduce my 4cycle enough to make use of the front crankset with these items since it does not have the internal gearing of the Chinese 80cc. I realize that a 26cc 4cycle is going to be pretty anemic for this application, but I'm really only interested in supplementing my pedaling to very moderately increase speed and lessen fatigue (+speed - fatigue = enjoyment).

    The only thing I'd like better than your solution would be the ability to pedal independant of (without engaging) the jackshaft and motor transmission. Unless I'm misapprehending what I saw in the video. It would make motorless pedaling much easier. I guess it would only be a matter of one more freewheel on the right side of the jackshaft. But then how would you start the motor? A tiny handlebar actuated clutch on the right of the jackshaft maybe? Ever seen anything like this? Then the motor is direct coupled to the reduction without needing a centrifugal clutch. If nothing else, I guess the jackshaft freewheel and pull start would do the trick (but lever starting while rolling would be soooo much nicer).
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  9. Pablo

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    We have not priced the bearing out. We can do it this week or so.

    Just order those listed items from our website.

    If we could develop a low cost, low tooling/set-up cost jackshafted clutch we would have our 4 stroke kit be the kat's meow.
  10. svejkovat

    svejkovat New Member

    You would indeed! The concept is valid. I pointed out in another thread that the cable operated blade disengagement clutch under my honda push mower is an example of such, although about 2/3 overbuilt and overweight for use on a motorized bike. That leads me to believe that a version might exist out there somewhere if I knew where to look.
  11. svejkovat

    svejkovat New Member

    Found one...


    Here's a link to the catalog... .... second item down.

    Warner clutch told me that this subsidiary company offers these in single and multiple disc versions that weigh from three to sixty lbs. Can also be ordered without pulley to accept any sprocket you wish. One that would seem to handle the torques we're talking might add about five lbs to the transmission. That might be too much trade off, but at least I satisfied myself that these animals exist. There's just not sufficient market for them to make the cost reasonable however. They are industrial job and probably cost more each than rest of the entire bike and motor. What a drag.
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  12. svejkovat

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    HOOOOOOT! Sales guy just returned my call and the model that would fit cost over 2000USD. Might not be cost effective.