super mega angelic mecha happy fun time bike build (first build HT)

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    so heres a quick background on this thing:

    Last spring i needed a way to get around, and seeing as i can not afford a car, these kits seemed perfect. Not knowing about this community i searched on ebay for "bicycle motors" and stumbled across the now closed down skyhawkcanada account. I purchased an engine from him. I spent the last couple months looking for a bike with a "perfect" angled frame.

    It took me till this passed February to find one. That's when i found out about you fine folks. I read a helluva lot of threads and then set off to assemble my bike. I ended up taking my trusty laptop into the garage because i was referencing this site so much. The bike was built in -10 deg C weather and i went numb after a while.. alas i finished the bike.

    I went for a 5 min ride... and was disapoint with the performance. Then it hit me.. i had the choke on.. Coming up to a stop sign i tapped the chock lever.. i think i left all my clothing behind as the thing took off! I was so happy! after about 10 more mins, the bike cut out. I spent the whole day trouble shooting. with no solution i went back inside.

    Thinking it was a loose wire, i attempted to disconnect my CDI, but it was stuck to the bike... I melted the blue and black wire to the exhaust... *face palm*. I fixed the wires and then re positioned the CDI as not to melt again.

    Feeling kinda stupid, i double checked my fuel, petcock and choke and set off for another ride.

    all things aside, this had been a great experience and has taught me alot. i have alot of plans for this bike. attached is a pic of the bike, fresh of my assemble line (before the wires melted) it has since been thread locked and cleaned up. video up soon.

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    this is a perfect example of why you should take your time when doing the wiring. keep the wiring clean, out of sight, tied to the frame and away from everything.
    cut off the push together conectors, solder and heat shrink ALL wire connections, and you won't have to worry about it.
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    yup yup, 100% right
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    A fine looking machine.

    Your troubles are very typical of the first build. Practically everyone had some sort of "fubar". But you've fixed it (or will soon) and will be riding. Good for you!

    Though you haven't asked for it, I'll offer one piece of advice. Don't ride this bike as fast as it is able to go. They are perfectly capable of going faster than the bike itself can take safely. You don't want the dreaded road rash.

    Be highly (and I do mean highly visible) and aim for an average speed (over a few or more miles) of, say, 12 mph. You'll reach your destinations in reasonable safety, feeling fine, and we'll be able to talk with you for some time to come.
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  5. shell shock

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    yah, i never really hold WOT. ive been doing nonstop adjustments and all. this pic is outdated, ill try to snap a new one tnight. video is still in prog. she purs so sweet.

    thankyou for your kind words, and yah, its hard to get a net connection 6 ft under.. i think ill stay with the living