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    I decided to pick up a Power-King 80 ( 66cc) kit to add to a recent purchase Canadian Tire Supercycle Cruiser.

    I have had motorcycles all my life since I was 14 when I had traded a bb gun for a Whizzer Motorbike kit, I was not
    a real good mechanic at 14 but I managed to get it cobbed together on a Raleigh 3 speed bike and after hours(days) of
    dicking around with the ignition and carb I finally got it ran so good that the conrod let go going down a hill
    at a breakneck speed of maybe 40mph.

    I recently traded my HD Softail on a boat as my shoulder injury from hockey made it hard to ride for any length of time.

    The Power-King kit was quite complete and much more effort to assemble properly than the manual indicated but I have
    lots of tools and drill press and grinder etc so I was able to get it together in about2 weeks,

    To my surprise, once I fueled it with some gas from my RC gas planes, I pedaled a bit an popped the clutch and it started
    right up and I drove around a large block at about 20 mph no problem, I was glad I had added extra brakes as the cruiser
    came with only a coaster brake.

    Total cost so far about 340.00 so I am very pleased.

    I will bring it inside over the winter and tidy it up real nice and post more.
    when that gets done

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    Really nice looking bike.