Support Your "LOCAL" Vendor :)

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  1. augidog

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    never mind...there are guys way more suited to doing this than me, and i'm s'posed to be doing real-life stuff...please delete.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Rambling isn't necessarily a bad thing. We'd likely be interested in hearing what you were thinking.
  3. augidog

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    ok, without rambling:

    nsideus recently told us he'd been networking (cross-linking) all along...HybriDude is also way into networking the local builder.

    i bet if we take this seriously and work with Tom, we might could define someway to accomplish this at MBc. i'm thinking a seperate page of text-links, or perhaps a simple email address, pre-screened by list-admin as local-only, with NO extra sig-priviledges or special forum permissions, and reciprocal linking to MBc (if there's a personal website) as a firm condition.

    "Support Your Local Builder"

    name: Joe Bikebuilder
    location: Phoenix AZ
    offering: EZ-dealer, full builds or repairs of all makes
    contact: jbikebuilder @ cox . net
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  4. wavygravy

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    might be able to support local vendors if they could pull there head out long enough to print a dang buisness card or have a web site to refer to! dont expect to sell without doin something to make it happen!
  5. augidog

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    but is it worth it?

    brian...buddy...bro...if only i wasn't always rocked back on my heels, if only i knew where i stood within the community day to day...i'd prolly already have cards. but the distractions have become overwhelming, so...
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  6. Business Cards

    Hey Wavy, I have gone thru several hundreds, yeah a bit into several thousands of business cards in these nearly 10 years.
    I AM a local dealer, and had a great guy (repeat customer) visit today.

    IF I had your address, I would mail you a business card, and I would hope that mine would be your very first one, something you might remember me by!

    I also made window stickers and put them on my Van, made T-shirts to wear (wear them to work also), made hats, caps, sweatshirts, key chains, and all kinds of stuff!

    SOOO, Amigo, I'll send you a card with the Blessings of a true Local Dealer if you would like!

    Mike Simpson, making motor-bicycling more enjoyable, and more affordable for the masses these 10 long years!
  7. lordoflightaz

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    With a little help a simple subdomain could be created. i.e and whoever (nsideus HybriDude) had the better database setup could admin it. It's not rocket science someone just needs to do the setup. It could be as simple as a fill out a form, and have a google cse to do the search.

    Addendum: See which does something with images on the web. Warning Potential Explict Content
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  8. augidog

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    thanks for the info...this is another thing i don't want to do by myself, NOR was it a "dig" at online vendors...all i was trying to do was prompt the group to action, after the latest rule changes there is still a way for the local-dealers who aren't sure where they stand to get involved...i was simply pointing out options in hopes of inspiring someone to lead the charge.
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  9. Tom

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  10. augidog

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    heck, yeah...a category for local-builder's would prolly suffice...providing someone has the time to admin it, of course.
  11. lordoflightaz

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    Pretty near like that, but not the link part so much as the info, because it could be a member who just is offering to build bikes locally. He/She probably does not have a website so link would not end up being valid. I could care less if they used my link to validate, Give me some time and I can think of a sleaze ball way make up a link. You would want City, State, Country, Phone, with capability to sort/search on at least state.

    I do think linkage/alias is a good idea, unless your hosting does not allow it.

    I put one in "everything else" with some sample data. The link is valid with a cut down jpg of the forum logo. Darn I left out contact info when I made the one up. Forgot I was being Joe Blow with no website.

    We are not talking about manufacturers, vendors, dealers and the like. Simply folks, that like to tinker maybe make some beer money and expand the craziness.
  12. bamabikeguy

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    Which MBmember is Fun Mobility Products, Edmonton?
  13. nsideus

    nsideus Guest

    My thoughts on this. In the last year the number of new websites/builders has exploded. The ones that are on my site are just a few, most I have contacted or tried to and it's amazing how many don't respond, something I will include in the notes. I have a list that is not on the site because I have not had time to review and list, even many that are up.
    Instead of creating a seperate area for this that may be subject to forum rules, how about a stickey thread providing a link to my site with a note to PM me about new or suggested sites, how they would rate them, and comments from those who have had experience with the vendors. In the thread there would be and example of the rating system. Give some feedback on this yea/neh, you suck, your just trying to to get traffic, great, what?
  14. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Not automated enough. We want something where people can submit their contact info regardless of whether or not they have a website. Sort of like a phone book or something... I'll take a look see if there is any VB addon that will do this type of thing.
  15. augidog

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    thanks for taking off with this, guys.

    let's address those 2 main concerns: manipulation of the service and consumer feedback...imo both moot points...because we're discussing's very difficult to burn someone face to face & get away with it, eh? and if it occurred, a real-life burn, you can count on someone letting us know.

    this is a bit exciting.

    i believe a builder's network is gonna go a long way towards healing some feelings around here :cool2::cool2:
  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    is this ok ??

    there are two local MB vendors here in Lakeside area -- San Diego
    who are good guys -- treating customers so kind very fine

    one has given me many free parts -- Christian man -- not to offend anyone
    he is Steve listed in my thread -- Motor Bike Deals in San Diego
    he is located in Lakeside, Calif
    carries many Happy Times

    the other is A&B Bicycle Shop ----- Peter
    Santee, Calif
    sells Station set ups
    I have sent many to his shop -- well pleased

    we like to ride those MB things
    and tell others where there can also find -- I get stopped and asked often
  17. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    So we also want users to be able to post reviews on these vendors too? That will make it a bit more tough to find something that works. A simple directory shouldn't be too tricky to find.
  18. augidog

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    hi Tom.

    i think an automated setup with a few fields would suffice, with some membership requirements before one can get listed.

    let's say that a need arises down the road for a review section...well, perhaps a single-thread dedicated to "tell us about your local builder" (but only those listed in the service? tough call) would do the trick? when/if it gets too long, close it and redirect to "tell us"

    again, thanks for considering this :cool2:

    hi, too, MM: i'd think that what you posted could be placed in "parts & accessories" or "general" any time...maybe a topic like what i mentioned, but for non-listed LBS's :)

    or...a single topic, but the poster would tell us if the builder is listed or no...
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  19. lordoflightaz

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    That would be nice, but just a directory would work fine for now. I know it would be a pain to have to add reviewing later. If you decide to do reviews then I would make sure that what you pick is flexible enough to handle Vendors, Products, and Builders. You might look at eCommerce SW a lot of them have review capabilities. Here is a link on free webhosting It might be free or cheap

    I know that elsewhere you said this place takes more of you time than a paying website, but that is the nature of a passion over a job. I'm just glad you are doing it.
  20. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Not a problem. I'm looking through stuff right now. No such luck yet, however I am still hopeful.