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    The Bicycle a 1900's Montgomery Wards unsure of the precise make and year of manufacture of this bike I purchased the frame for $100.00 on eBay it's in good condition 50mm peddle crank housing 18'' frame as you can see. The rear hub is a Nexus 3 speed with brake unfortunately I've yet to figure out how to prompt that with this kit so. An epoxied natural diamond surface employed to pressure plate to run a wet clutch with grease "Lucas" my favorite as well wheel set intended with coin silver padded side pulls to start off. That sounds exotic but it's much less than roller or disk at this point and they won't glitter nearly as well anyway so. Once again out of the box 66 cc with few enhancements back on the bench. Employing silver in a few places is not really that expensive and should work well with the diamond later on when the clutch pads need replace as well. Hope to get it running and bang it into a mile long wheel stand through all three gears once up one tire well see in a week or so.
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    Still try'n to load the video no big thrill video yet but I'll try again...
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    The best way is to upload your video to Youtube or something similar and then link to it here.