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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by blackmarkus, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. blackmarkus

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    Here is my current ride , It's Joy to ride ,I use it everyday as my work commuter and for getting to different breaks for a surf.

    also here's a pic of my next project Micargi Classic Chopper.

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  2. Marktur

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    Nice, man! I like the surf machine... I just switched up from short board to fun shape (getting older with back problems, + extra 20 lbs!) but I still hit it all the time! Weird not being able to snap the board around - different kind of ride...but still great.

    Where do you live, and where's the picture from?

    The waves are choppy/sloppy today, and my local beach is DEEP from them moving sand - they killed the good break (last picture on the bottom - South side of the Inlet), but up the road is Lake Worth Pier, which is probably solid waist to chest high slop, but I'll get wet anyway. says "Sea Lice"...oh well...usually OK with no wetsuit or rashguard.

    Nice Bikes, BTW! :)
  3. blackmarkus

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    Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast ,QLD Australia .It's a 10 minute ride north to Surfers Paradise or a 10 minute ride south to Burleigh Heads.
  4. Marktur

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    Sweet! How's the weather down under? It's about 85 degrees today...20 knot wind...nice day...I'll play in the chop later, I least get some exercise and get my 11 year old out there with me.

  5. Great looking bike black... My brother lives in Byron Bay. He is 60 something and still surfs every day. I would love to ride AU. I have been to Sydney and have been as far north as Hawks Nest where he had a place, as well as in Sydney, Beautiful country. Enjoy and be safe......
  6. Marktur

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    Mister, do you surf?
  7. Nope...Did some bodysurfing at Bondi Beach in AU. But thats it lol....
  8. Irish John

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    That red bike's a beaudy Blackmarkus. The big spoiler on the rear help stop the bike fishtailing at speeds over 300mph!
    Only joking - she's just the ticket for going to the beach.
  9. hurricane billy

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    I love to see Surfers on this site .
    that is a kick butt bike!!!!!!
    nice rack..........did you make that?
  10. Hawaii_Ed

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    Very Nice! I love surf bikes!