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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sparky, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. sparky

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    I'm wondering what you guys are planning to do once the economy crashes to bits and hardly anybody will be self-sufficient.

    Personally, I've got most everything I need, but my gardening skillz need a little TLC. I've been looking at composting solutions for a long time, but I came across the "best" and "most efficient" solution according to some. Worm composting is the answer. Red wiggler worms to be precise. The multi-tray solutions seem to be just what everybody needs.

    - Cheaper one that should come with $20 discount when added to cart
    - The one I'll prolly end up getting
    - All the ins and outs of Worm Composting

    I remember machiasmort saying that ash and urine mixed together provided an awesome fertilizer, but the worm composting helps me save the landfills!! ... and it gives me some new pets. :goofy:

    What other tricks are there to living within your means (which would be nothing than what you already own)?? Would you be able to live on a pedal bicycle alone? Do you already have a garden? What type of weapons do you plan for a doomsday scenario? :detective: And how many females will you be bringing?? :tt1: I've already got my two reserved. :cool:

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    Sparky, I certainly hope at least one of those fine ladies of yours has a shovel and cart to clean up after you.
    You do remind me a bit of a circus elephant on a main street at times.

    Oh two females. Species not mentioned!


  3. give me vtec

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    I already have 100+ lbs of rice 150+ lbs of beans, and a ton of other non perishable foods... I have three emergency seed banks with enough un-genetically modified seeds to grow 1 acre of food each. Unlike the seeds you get from lowes or home depot... the seeds that come off these plants can be used for a second and third gen crop. I have enough ammo to last and enough guns to put the ammo through. I have a months worth of toilet paper and a ton of first aid supplies.

    I have a brand new jeep to get me to my "bugout spot"... I have enough gas on hand to power the jeep. I have emergency camping supplies and a "grab bag" that I can just grab if I need to that has all the emergency camping supplies I need to last for a week in the woods; water filtration, hammocks, an axe... etc. I have a ton of literature on how to survive in the mountains... and experience to go with it.

    I wish I could be buying real estate and gold right now but all the available funds we have are going to pay off our two cars. After that everything we have is paid for... houses included. I have an empty lot 2 doors down from where I live that I own free and clear.... that is where I will be doing my gardening.

    For water we have 5 gallon arrowhead bottles delivered to our house... we keep an extra month on hand. My parents have a swimming pool that we can use long term for water if we need to... we have all the necessary filtration equipment we need.

    I guess you could say I am ready... for the most part.
  4. sparky

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    One of them is not afraid of getting down and dirty, for sure. The other will more than likely be a whiner in a doomsday scenario from what she told me after riding out Katrina... but I like it when she whines sometimes. :whistling: When she realizes who has the food and the artesian well, she'll start to respect my AUTHORI-TIE! :evilgrin: No joke, I was telling her all about our trial garden this past year, in expectation of things to come... and she said, "Don't forget me, I've got the pooty!" Had to make room for someone with such dedication.

    That reminds me of how people look at me when riding my MB on main street!!! A cop today passed by me while I went to the store; his mouth was wide open, probly deciding whether to radio in for help.

    One's a dolphin, and the other's a gorilla. Only "intelligent" beings allowed!! :goofy:
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    Spanky - you're trying too hard again. We all know what you're about. It's ok with us. We're tolerant people here.
  6. fasteddy

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    Sparky, as fine a recovery as I've seen in years. Good on yer.

  7. give me vtec

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    that is good stuff... classic RC :helmet:
  8. sparky

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    The only part of the story that wasn't true is that she actually said VAGINA. It's funnier the way she said it because most girls don't actually like to say that word for some reason. I just love the word pooty, personally. It's been my word for quite some time now, so I did have to change that for the "circus elephant on main street" effect.

    ANYWAY... back to the topic. I was riding the MB home from a friend's house I've been at for the past couple days, and the motor chain snapped as I was half-way there and jumped up off the sidewalk that wasn't even a foot high off the street, but it was unusually high. Anyway, I had to pedal THREE MILES without a motor. I was thinking about calling somebody, but this thread inspired me to do some real work and get to livin' in hard times.

    3 miles in 20 minutes... that's averaging 9 mph with only 20" wheels. Not bad for being outta shape. I used to pedal that over the summer no problem, but I've been lazy with the motor-only option. :-/ Without a doubt, I need a REAL pedal-only bike, this Chinese bike is ****in' me off. And no more compact, folding bikes. Think I'm gonna get something like a Sunday Model C, which is a 24" BMX.
  9. machiasmort

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    Worms are a good way to break compost down. You can use any kind... Don't know if the ones your talking about would be good bait for fishing? Remember your objective!

    As far as my plans??? I'm totally unprepared here... Just my living situation don't allow it. However, you could drop me in the forest, any season, any time, with what I've got in my pockets right now and I'd be fine... Not sayin it would be easy but I'd be fine... Provided I had the right clothes also or mannaged to get lucky and kill and skin a deer right away. Pine needles are also an excellent insulation, don't get 'em near a fire though!
  10. Mountainman

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    had some worms up here on the fruit trees for a while
    bought them at Home Depot years back
    been meaning to get some more
    they make the soil so good and rich
    and yes will also break down many things
  11. eastwoodo4

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    its not gonna be good when shi t hits the fan.were bound to run out of coffee,and all the little things weve grown accustomed to.

    what the **** we gonna do when mm runs out of coffee.
  12. SimpleSimon

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    Worms are good eating.

    Simply get a can full with a shovel, rinse the external dirt off them, put them in a pan in about an inch of cornmeal overnite. Next day they are stuffed full of cornmeal. Fry them up and chow down. Excellent source of protien.
  13. arceeguy

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    Hahaha - stuffed, fried worms. Brilliant!

    On the TV show "Dirty Jobs" (I know, I know you don't watch TV) the host ate fried leeches and liked 'em!

    I think it is far more difficult to be a homesteader than people think.
    I for one, do not have enough land to raise the food.

    The only disasters I can reasonably plan for are short term interruptions. Living off of stored fuel for power, canned food/MRE's, and bottled water.
  14. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    If you are in an urban area and a major economic collapse occurs, you really have just two choices. Get out to a prepared rural redoubt (best is if you have family/friends on the land there already) and be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life to feed/house/care dor your family and group. Being cold and dirty, wet a lot of the time, smelly from infrequent bathing, etcetera will become your norm. Be prepared to kill to defend you and yours, and have the means to do just that - including knowing the exact lay of the land around you, and removing hiding/sheltering points for attackers wherever possible.

    If you are trapped in an urban or suburban environment, go to ground. Do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow others to learn what stockpiles/resources you might have. Do NOT advertise your "wealth" by running a generator and showing lights. You are better off with a large reserve of industrial scale (200 gallon) LNG fuel well hidden and protected, then piped to an LNG burning refrigerator/freezer. Forget about lights except in interior rooms with no outside exposure, and light baffle with hanging heavy blankets any hallways/entries to those spaces.

    Keep tools secured at all times, NEVER EVER LEND THEM OUT unless you are absolutely confident of their return - you won't be able to run to HD or Lowes for new ones if lost. Start a container garden of spice plants like sage, thyme, etc - they won't be available or cheap if you can find them. Lay in vacuum packed restaraunt sized containers of black pepper, tumeric, etc. Have at leasdt 4 100 pound bags of salt in storage if you can. Likewise, bulk sugar - turbinado being preferable to white.

    I've thought about this quite a lot. I've even written a book about it, which I never submitted for publication - after consideration, I decided I'd rather not be known as an expert on it. Go get the Foxfire books on old craftways, get Euell Gibbons books on natural foods, if there is one in your area take a class on survival techniqies geared to that area. Most larger communities offer such.

    Etcetera - believe me, it will become ad nauseum.
  15. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    you sound like me... paranoid, delusional????

    I like what you say though... totally agree. I haven't told anyone but the people who have access to this thread what I have. Its totally secret and hidden. Did you read my first post on this thread??? How many supplies do you have??? When is enough... enough???
  16. Turtle Tedd

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    SS some good will definitely be harder for us folks that for some reason choose to stay in a suburban/city environment if things get really upside-down...most people have no idea .
  17. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I have a plan and the supplies already in place... about 85% prepared for any emergency situation. I plan on the most likely candidate for an emergency situation to be an earthquake. Political meltdown and terrorist attack still rate high on my list though.
  18. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    vtec, my health is very precarious, at best. I've been hospitalized 5 times in the last 5 years for extended periods, and expect to be told tomorrow that I need to begin regular dialysis treatments. I've had three go arounds with cancer in the last 10 years.

    My preparations are simple - I've made sure my son knows where to go and what he needs to do to insure his own survival, and he is prepared to do just that. I keep sufficient materials on hand to insure that I can get the **** out of his way in order to free him to do just that, should it become necessary. My youngest daughter is in Chicago in college, her older sister and family are outside Chicago - all are prepared to head for a quite rural prepared redoubt.

    I've done what I can to prepare my children. If it becomes necessary, I'll do the best thing I can do for them - get the h3ll out of the way.
  19. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    My emergency fuel/food/water is for an ice storm or noreaster, not for total collapse of our system. I live on only 1/2 acre in a suburban neighborhood, don't know if I have enough room to grow. I live in NJ, so what's that - Zone 7? Potatoes would store over winter I suppose. Largest gun I own is a .22, and I might have 200 rounds. That won't keep the crooks with the bigger guns from killing me, my family and taking our sheet.
  20. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    you are a brave person...