Suspension forks ?

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    Ok so I have the MoonDog and it is so much fun. I have noticed that the ride is far from comfortable. Has anyone put a suspension fork on a Moondog? I was looking into 1in threaded suspension forks and found that they are very hard to find. I did happen to stumble across one at &
    Does anyone think this will work &if it does will my ride be any smoother. I plan on buying a suspension seatpost too. Any thoughts?

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    The only thing that might keep it from working is the length of the steerer (142mm) subtract the stack height of the headset (approx 35mm) leaves only 107mm which is 4 & 1/8 in approx. How long is the headtube of the MoonDog? I'm thinking that it is longer than 4 & 1/8 in. If it is the fork won't work.
    If it turns out that the sterrer is long enough to fit your bike you want the SR/Suntour Fork. The RST fork shown is for 700c hybrid bikes not 26 in. MTB or cruiser.

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