Suspension Seat Post


Local time
11:55 PM
May 1, 2008
windy city
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our butts need 'em if we be hardtailin' :LOL:
I would be using one on my Jag, but ,I needed the setback to fit the bike better
...thank god for the triple sprung seat, most comfortable I have ever ridden on
bill i was watching every little bump in the road before slowing down ect. now i have more time to look in front of me and we all no looking down ain't the right place to be lookin @30 bill i bet u can do some crazy wheelies now with that set up /// i got one thos seat post in that bike i found but it didnt fit in my bike
Some times, puns are the best medicine... most times, NOT!

I bought a suspension post a few months ago, and they are great. In my case, I was getting a sore back after long rides, and the suspension post got rid of that, altogether. Not to mention, the posterior relief!