sux-all 3 bikes running great

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by james65, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. james65

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    I have 3 bikes, all run great. Ride them daily and enjoy them. Not sure which I like best as they all have different good points.
    The bummer part is, I can't justify starting another build (no storage room). Can't sell any of them because no one would pay near what they are worth. Everyone seems to want a great MB for $200.
    I have spare motors that will have to sit this winter. Maby I'll get lucky and one of the bikes will break down(LOL)

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  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    As Tanaka40 mentioned to me once..."until your next design change". LOL

    If you're intent on starting a build and don't want to sell MB's for less than what they're worth, you could strip the motorized bike, sell it as a bicycle, then start another build.:jester:

    Or if you have a shed/garage, hang the MB from the rafters and start another project!:idea:
  3. hurricane

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    well James, I know your feeling . I have 3 myself and could not sell them either and my space is limited too.It sucks but people just dont see the real value in what these projects actually cost to build plus the labor involved to make it all work. But for me in the end I will most likely give mine away for like 100 bucks and lesson learned kinda thing.

    good luck as your builds are very nice
  4. RedBaronX

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    there is no way someone can buy parts at retail prices and resell one of these bikes at a profit...

    part of me wants to build a second bike, but I can only justify building another by selling my first one (money, space). Would probably make back only half the money I paid out to build the first one..
  5. james65

    james65 Member

    I guess your right but the Roadmaster will be the last to go or be canibalized. Really would like to start a boardtrack but will hold off until the snow flys!
  6. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Great looking builds. Instead of a second build, I moved my motor kit from my mountain bike to a cruiser bike.
    Maybe you could move your kits to other bikes, rather than starting completely new builds.
  7. motorpsycho

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    I feel the same way with my 2 bikes.
    both of my bikes are custom and i have a lot of work in each one. I made a lot of one off parts for both of my bikes.
    the thing is, i ride both of them on occasion (just for fun) and i have thought about trying to sell them.
    I did get an offer of $1,000.00 for my occ chopper build, but an offer is not money in hand.

    I see m.b.'s on e-bay all the time that claim they are custom builds, but they use all of the kit supplied parts, do crappy wiring jobs, and put the bike together very sloppy. I see them listed for +- $1500.00 !!
    now, weather they sell for that much is doubtful, but to think that the builder THINKS it's worth that much is another. If a poorly built m.b. with all stock kit supplied parts used sells for $1500.00...i should be able to get $2500.00 out of my bikes
  8. arkives1

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    Jim, Let your old friend here help you out. Send me the Roadmaster and that will make room for a new build. I may have to move the girlfriends car out of the garage though, ya think she'll understand? :whistling: All of my bikes are in winter storage now and I'm just riding one of the mopeds for now.
  9. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    winter storage?!? It hasn't even been below freezing during the day yet, man! I'm going to be riding for awhile still... it was 40 something degrees one morning on my way to work, and I stayed plenty warm...

    (my heavy duty, rechargeable 12v battery arrives in a couple days, too, which means I can keep riding when the days get shorter...)
  10. arkives1

    arkives1 Member

    Ahhh Baron, I'm getting old and on blood thinners now due to a small stroke last week, I get cold pretty easily. Besides, maybe I'm a WUSS!HAHAHAH. Actually, I just don't get time to ride lately and by the time I get time, it will definitely be too cold. I'm riding the Tomos moped because it starts with one easy kick and it's the one on the outside of the storage area. It uses the same 50:1 gas/oil mix as my snowblower so no special mixing needed. The peds suspension is also easier on my bony old A**.
  11. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    my building manager, who is probably around your age, just put his scooter into storage, too (we don't have a garage here or off-street parking for cars). When I finally do bring mine in for storage (in the dining room) I'll have to drain the fuel and then give the whole thing a good bath. Luckily since I live alone, I don't have to worry about the opinions of roommates or significant others about a bike being in the dining room...

    I COULD leave it outside, chained to the fence where it is right now, and cover it... but I want to tidy up all the wiring anyway... and I don't have an extension cord long enough to reach from inside my apartment to where I work on the bike outside (for soldering iron...)
  12. TREEWK

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    Nice Builds, All Of Them. The Cruiser Is Top Shelf Also. Have You Ever Considered A Shift Kit. I Really Like Mine, And The Motors Purr Along Nicely. Just A Thought. Thanks For Sharing. Ron
  13. james65

    james65 Member

    The red OCC has a five speed shift kit. The Cruiser has a 50cc just because it looks older.
  14. james65

    james65 Member

    I store my bikes in the heated basement / workshop. I also empty the tanks and air burge them for safety. I have pleanty of room outside the house but even covered, the weather still takes a toll. My two neighbors have garages, and I have several bikes(non motorized) stored in each.
    Guess it is time for a bike yard sale!
  15. james65

    james65 Member

    First of all, I am sorry for your loss of a loved one. Instead of thinking of the loss, cherish the great memories.

    **** no you can't have the roadmaster(I'll sell you one of my kids first(LOL)).
    As you know I have 3 40's-50"s cruisers waiting for motors never mind the sex change Rollfast project.

    I have already done the cleanup on the bikes for next spring. Every non rain day I get in at least 20 mi. on one of the bikes. I hope to continue that schedule until the ice starts.


  16. TREEWK

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    My Bad!! Lol. I Did Not Look Close Enough. The Rag Joint On The Left Thru Me Off A Bit. I See It Now. I Got All Excited About Occ Choppers A Couple Yrs Ago, Now Have 8 Including 2 J James. But Have Done Nothing With Them.

    Thanks For Setting Me Straight.


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  17. james65

    james65 Member

    Dam Larry I wasn't aware of you having a stroke! But if you are still riding it must be under control. Just can"t keep a real biker down!
  18. james65

    james65 Member

    Hot dam! That picture must have been taken in my basement! Since I have been riding Occ's people have been dumping Occ's on me.
    But two is enough actually, one is enough. This is a fun hobby and the building and debugging is almost as much fun as the riding!
    Where the heck does that MY BAD come from? I see it used everywhere, remember I'm 66 and don't keep up with the jargon!

  19. WhizBangAndy

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    I have felt your fiscal pain when it comes to total investment/ sale price ratios.

    Heck I figure my builds cost me around $1k each (considering the giveaway price on the rest of the pallet of motors I And they both sold for around $250

    Its a live and learn hobby..Just enjoy them and maybe you will happen into someone with deep pockets..
  20. james65

    james65 Member

    Deep pockets, no mechanical skills and perhaps a labodemy!

    Reminds me of when I answered an ad for a RC helecopter. A maid answered the door and directed me to the basement. There were about twenty (poorly) half built Rc planes around.

    Then there was the most beautiful chopper you could hope to see. The professor type guy came down to the basement. I told him the chopper was. He replied "I had it built by the guy that makes them for hollywood movies".
    I asked "has it ever flown"? He said yes off my yacht. I hired the guy from the movie Towerin Inferno to fly it for me.

    Dam I wish I still had his address, perhaps he would buy my bikes and hire me to ride them for him!