Sweet Find


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5:25 AM
Mar 5, 2008
i was just wondering what the best thing anyones found on their path is?with all these bikes there has to be somthing nice.
best thing ive foung is a craftsman wrench and 1/4inch drive extention.plus a stanly 15mm rench.:D
I have personally found the ark of the covenant, the shroud of turin, the magna carta (1st edition), and an enchanted mystical skull that grants me superhuman powers.
I found a paper bag with about 20 dime rocks bagged in it. Along with $4,130. Flushed the rocks, kept the cash.
Sounds like someone was in a high speed pursuit.
Yeah, that's what I kind of figured as well. I'd been pedalling down a major street in Houston, and saw a black late model sedan with five cop cars on his butt blow through an intersection a block ahead going ridiculously fast. As it happened, I was turning there anyway, and after I did I saw the bag in the middle of my lane just before the next intersection. Had a red light anyway, so I picked it up, looked inside, wadded it shut and stuffed it in my knapsack, rode on home.

I suspect I beat the cops to it by a very few minutes.
I suspect I beat the cops to it by a very few minutes.

I suspect you are right, the police Im sure came back to get the evidence needed to convict a drug dealer which was no longer there. I would guess they did still get charged with fleeing , reckless endangerment and what ever the officers were able to make stick without the drugs.

Not wanting to really pick a fight but I have to ask - You in your posts advocate turning folks into the federal authorities for EPA violations or import violations yet you admit taking evidence of a class one felony without turning that in to the police ............ Im just a bit confused when folks stand on a soapbox saying punish him or punish her then admit doing something themselves that is a far greater crime.

It's simple. I did not know for certain where the bag originated, nor did I know for certain what the objects in the tiny ziploc baggies were - I assumed they were rock cocaine - only place I've actually seen such was in news pictures. I wasn't interested in finding out for sure, nor was I particularly eager to call the cops and say, "Hey, I found this stuff and think it might be drugs." Not too mention, previous experience when I found a bank bag and turned it into the cops wasn't very positive. They refused to open it and give me an itemized receipt, yet when the owner showed up at the cop shop to claim it, the bag had been opened (breaking the lock) and no cash remained in it - he claimed it contained over $2,500 in cash along with the checks, and threatened to sue me. Fortunately, I took a pic of it lieing on the police station desk, which was identifiable as such. Lock intact.

My experience dealing with cops tells me the less I need do so, the happier I am. Customs and EPA enforcement are quiteanother matter - that's about a level playing field for all.