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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by eastwoodo4, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. eastwoodo4

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    i was just wondering what the best thing anyones found on their path is?with all these bikes there has to be somthing nice.
    best thing ive foung is a craftsman wrench and 1/4inch drive extention.plus a stanly 15mm rench.:D

  2. stringer

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    I have personally found the ark of the covenant, the shroud of turin, the magna carta (1st edition), and an enchanted mystical skull that grants me superhuman powers.
  3. dwsutton

    dwsutton Member

    Wow, you are lucky

    Amazing !!! Folks will leave anything on the side of the road eh ? :grin:
  4. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    smart uknow what. lol
  5. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I found a paper bag with about 20 dime rocks bagged in it. Along with $4,130. Flushed the rocks, kept the cash.
  6. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Sounds like someone was in a high speed pursuit.
  7. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    $4,130!!!thats what i mean.thats gonna be hard to top.
  8. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Yeah, that's what I kind of figured as well. I'd been pedalling down a major street in Houston, and saw a black late model sedan with five cop cars on his butt blow through an intersection a block ahead going ridiculously fast. As it happened, I was turning there anyway, and after I did I saw the bag in the middle of my lane just before the next intersection. Had a red light anyway, so I picked it up, looked inside, wadded it shut and stuffed it in my knapsack, rode on home.

    I suspect I beat the cops to it by a very few minutes.
  9. dwsutton

    dwsutton Member

    I suspect you are right, the police Im sure came back to get the evidence needed to convict a drug dealer which was no longer there. I would guess they did still get charged with fleeing , reckless endangerment and what ever the officers were able to make stick without the drugs.

    Not wanting to really pick a fight but I have to ask - You in your posts advocate turning folks into the federal authorities for EPA violations or import violations yet you admit taking evidence of a class one felony without turning that in to the police ............ Im just a bit confused when folks stand on a soapbox saying punish him or punish her then admit doing something themselves that is a far greater crime.

  10. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    It's simple. I did not know for certain where the bag originated, nor did I know for certain what the objects in the tiny ziploc baggies were - I assumed they were rock cocaine - only place I've actually seen such was in news pictures. I wasn't interested in finding out for sure, nor was I particularly eager to call the cops and say, "Hey, I found this stuff and think it might be drugs." Not too mention, previous experience when I found a bank bag and turned it into the cops wasn't very positive. They refused to open it and give me an itemized receipt, yet when the owner showed up at the cop shop to claim it, the bag had been opened (breaking the lock) and no cash remained in it - he claimed it contained over $2,500 in cash along with the checks, and threatened to sue me. Fortunately, I took a pic of it lieing on the police station desk, which was identifiable as such. Lock intact.

    My experience dealing with cops tells me the less I need do so, the happier I am. Customs and EPA enforcement are quiteanother matter - that's about a level playing field for all.
  11. dwsutton

    dwsutton Member

    Ummmm OK....... but you stated that you " beat the cops to it by minutes" right ? while I can agree with you that some of the HT motors imported are not EPA approved, or that the importation was not to the letter of the law possibly imported as motor parts, I would never try and "level the playing field " by bringing down big brother on anyone.

    I also find it strange that you do not admit what you did is wrong, you DID destroy evidence ( and keep the drug money ) - if you did not want any involvement with the police that is cool - leave the drugs and cash in the street where you saw the scumbag throw them out. I just never have been a believer in "selective morals" or picking laws that "level the playing field" and ignoring others. I feel that crack cocaine is a much greater threat and the prosecution of the drug dealers much more important than trying to get the EPA or Customs busting someone for a two cycle motor approved or not.

    "We must not look to government to solve our problems. Government is the problem."

    Ronald Regan
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  12. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    First, you are making unsupported assumptions. Read what I wrote again. I did NOT see anyone throw or dump the paper sack in the street. What I witnessed I have described. Did the sack get thrown from the car I saw speeding through the intersection ahead of me? I do not know, although it seems likely. Were the crystalline lumps in the baggies rock cocaine? I do not know, although I think it likely. Not knowing what they were, but operating on the assumption that they were not something I wanted, I disposed of them.

    Did the cops return, looking for that sack? Once again, I don't know that they did, but I think it is likely. I rode on home, and did not witness any such search.

    As for the EPA issue, you may proritize your perceptions of the importance of law breaking as you wish, and I will prioritize my perceptions as pleases me. Were it up to me, no such regulatory impediment to importation would exist, but since it does, in fairness it ought to apply to all. By that same token, while I personally do not use drugs or alcohol, I've no problem with those who choose to do so - fools though I believe them to be. So long as they do not choose to do so in a fashioon which endangers others, no problem.

    In summary, although I thought (and think) it likely that the bag contained illegal substances intended for sale, and the proceeds of such sales, I did not and do not KNOW that to be true. I disposed of the contents of the bag I suspected to be drugs, I washed the money and put it in a ziploc bag, and I burned the paper bag (first checking for any identifying info - there was none). I read the papers over the next several days, and neither the police nor anyone else appealed for assistance in locating such a bag. End of story, so far as I was concerned.
  13. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    this is my post.its about what people have found.its not about what u think of other peoples choices.that said i woulda keeped the money.then if i had the chance to take out someone for trying to make a quick bundle coming in the back door to cash in on some illegal engines.i would.
  14. Just to tick everyone off I would take the money buy several happy time motors with it and refine the rock cocaine blend it with warm papst blue ribbon to create some kind of a fuel to power the happy times and pollute the whole US of A!

    Come on keep it light stay focused on the topic of the forum and this thread.

    I suggest that someone create a forum for this EPA engine fight and go at it there.
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    No fight, really. I have my position, others have their own. That, and $1.50, will buy any of us a poor cup of coffee at Denny's.
  16. dwsutton

    dwsutton Member

    We could argue all day and never agree. If I were in the same situation I can say that there would be some assumptions I would make. ( like I would be 99% sure the bag came out of the car the cops were trying to catch ) I would much rather you have the money and the drug dealer be deprived of the drugs and cash - I got no problem with that. I always flinch when I hear someone say - turn someone in - call the feds, report your neighbor, get the govenment involved. Last time I checked the government in most cases RESTRICTS growth rather than promoting it. Build a better mousetrap not sit back and blow the whistle on folks.

    I am a big believer in the free enterprise system. If there were an American company either offering a comparable price for a bike engine or a much better product that blows away a motor made in China - Awesome , the market would reward the merchant and company offering such an engine. The example that comes to mind -

    lets say there was a company that came into the US offering gasoline at 2.00 a gallon, this gas was not EPA approved however you could with not too much difficulty obtain the fuel. Would you

    A) Refuse to purchase the fuel because it was not EPA approved

    B) Refuse to purchase the fuel because it was not imported correctly

    C) Purchase the fuel and think you got a good deal and hope in the future others would follow possibly changing the entire market naturally

    D) Do both A or B and also scream that "the government" should punish those trying to sell a product priced way below what is available here and prompt others to "turn in everyone involved"

    E) Buy the gas then go to D) :shock:

    Things arent always black and white. I am pretty sure if the govenment actually enforced all the EPA regs, the import laws, and any of the other million rules and laws this forum would be about 50 people because it would be impossible to either afford a motor for a bike or there would be some other "enviromental" reason an engine that gets 150 mpg to be illegal.

    Glad you found the cash.

  17. dwsutton

    dwsutton Member

    Would warm PBR be better than chilled ? What type of filter would be needed do ya think ?

  18. Besides if the EPA stickers are that important China will put them on there just ask them to. It won't mean anything anyway. I speak from experience those UL, CSA, RoHS compliant and sometimes made in the USA labels that make you feel all happy when you see them, guess what? Just a label nothing more.
  19. It has to be warm to start later it will be cold filtered though a 1982 Chicago White Sox cap.

  20. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    PBR as fuel... could be more economical than gasoline.

    As for taking some dope money, I'm all for it. Finders keepers.

    And if I found a wallet, I'd prolly take the cash but return the wallet. I've lost my wallet quite a few times, but never was it returned. Two friends recently lost their wallets, but they got them returned without the money. Everybody has their own ideals and morals... and most of us are more similar than we think.