Sweet full lighting set up

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by biketec, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Saw them I think they are way cool.

    The one thing is getting to the control it is somewhere on the front light bar so you have to take your hand the handlebar to operate them. Also heard that the mounting brackets are el cheapo, which is holding me back. I don't want to have to design the new bracket. But my birthday is coming soon and maybe someone will get this for me. Yeah Right.

    Maybe you can design a better bracket.

    I think many would spend $80 for a setup like this that works.
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    They may do the job well...but they look like cast offs from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"....but, to each his own.
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    Now wouldn't be be cool if they could play that music, too.

    No way would you put something like these on your bike. I think you would be banned from posting pics of such an abomination.
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    Captain, there are Klingons orbiting around [mod edit]!
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    they are way cool, you guys are very creative, dont be telling me you cant figure a way to make another bracket!
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    I have had a set since November. You will want to have rechargeable batteries, 4 AA and 4 AAA also so count that and shipping in to the overall cost. It is pretty slick how they work wirelessly and makes installation a breeze. I don't think the mounts are all that cheesy, they have worked well for me at least but I mount my back one to the underside of the bed and after putting them on another bike and attaching to the seatpost I am not as fond of that. One of the signal buttons on the front unit is loose and buzzing some and that is about all the plastic issues I have had.

    I usually run with the flashing white in the front and red in the rear. You hit the button on each unit once to turn on and have the light come on briefly once in awhile, twice it flashes and 3 times it stays lit for the front and rear. The driving/tail lights themselves are not the brightest and I have stronger ones for both the front and rear when it is pitch black and raining out.

    I have yet to be hit while using them and that is about as good an endorsement as I can come up with. I won't be buying any more for other projects. The lack of a brake light function or even the ability to doctor one in makes them not work for our application. For $100 bux we think we can put together a decent wiring harness type system using led's including a horn and are going that route instead.
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    Had to try them also. Vibrations loosened rear light. slip of cardboard on battery fixed that. Is more suited for narrow bars. And the looks are not to good. traded for a nash bar set and brake light.