Switching to an Schwinn OCC chopper

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    So i've been exploring craigslist in hopes to find a bike in good condition to eventually swap the motor over to. A few reasons for this
    -when i bought my bike, it had a kit "installed" on it. this num-nuts knucklehead either hammered or crushed the frame with something to get the mounts to fit in the front. This has been making me uncomfortable and i want it replaced.
    -My bike is a tad small
    -he jacked the living **** out of the rear wheel putting the "rag joint" on for the sprocket ( which is just the stupidest design anyways) so the spokes are all bent and the wheel isnt true... which makes for a pretty sore butt after a while of wiggly and bumping!

    So i had been exploring the OCC chopper because i found one on craigslist and the owner agreed to accept 65 for it. but i have been waiting for new info on it before i go any further. HOWEVER, i did find someone selling the mount on ebay for 17 so i impulsively bought it, and now feel comfortable with the idea of setting up my kit on the chopper.

    now i have been pouring over and through these forums and others for 3 days trying to get info on this bike. I'm ashamed to say that either i suck at finding info, or else there hasnt been THAT much said about these around here.

    Now as far as brakes go... i feel like i saw a kit that will install v-brakes onto the frame (not a fan of coaster brakes) does anyone know what im talking about? or even a DIY for brakes?

    secondly... I JUST bought the SBP expansion chamber and muffler. is this going to fit on this bike?

    any other information or pictures of others set ups (specific engine mounts, etc. not just how awesome your bike looks) would be great!

    Does the huge tire in the back rob much as far as speed goes?

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    Also, pardon my poor grammar in title >.< its 2:35, i feel like an idiot.
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    Should be loads of info on OCC builds. I have built several myself. Do a little more searching, the info is here.
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    yes there is a bunch of o.c.c. build info here...you just have to find it.
    For my o.c.c. I bought "barry's mount" off e-bay and this mount bolts through the frame.
    you have to drill holes in the frame (which i am not a fan of).
    But after I drilled the holes, i welded steel sleeves into the holes in the frame so the frame would not get crushed when the mount is tightened. Did you buy the bolt through the frame mount or did you get one that clamos around the bottom frame tube?

    The engine mount will off-set the engine in the frame to the left. This is for tire - chain clearance because of the big fat wide rear tire.
    you will have to get a few links of engine chain because the standard length engine chain is too short.
    You will have to drill out the bolt holes in the rear sprocket so that the bolts can go through the holes and clear the spokes. (if you use the rag joint)
    If you leave the bolt holes as they are, the bolts will hit the spokes and they will not go all the way through.

    Both the single speed and 3 speed o.c.c.'s have free wheel hubs with v brakes already on the back wheel (some have front brakes too). They never made an o.c.c. with a coaster brake.
    You might have to put a spacer under the left side V-brake to raise it up and you will also have to slightly bend the left side brake for chain clearance. You may also have to cut off 1/3 of the left side brake pad to clear the chain as well.
    I made my own chain tensioner and it's hidden on the inside of the frame, so part of my chain - brake clearance issues may be because of this tensioner that i made. I'm not sure how a standard chain tensioner works on the o.c.c. (but I think they look horrible and they do not last).

    Will the sbp expansion chamber fit?
    I'm not sure on that. Once you get the engine in the frame, you'll see what you have to deal with.
    I made a custom pipe to fit on my o.c.c. so that it not only works, but also looks good.
    My pipe is a standard chrome long pipe (poo-poo) that I had to cut, lengthen and re-weldto fit.
    I had to lengthen the pipe up at the top curve right after it comes out of the cylinder. Without it being lengthened, the pipe would hit the left side crank arm and not follow the lines of the frame. I also modified the stock muffler to give it a lottle more power and a lot more sound.
    the sbp exp. chamber may not fit too well because of the frame design, but i have no idea.

    The rear tire?
    Actually the rear tire will add some speed because it's 24" tall. (20" rim with a 24" tall tire)
    a taller tire will give you more top speed.
    I am running a 44 tooth sprocket on mine and i get about 30 - 32 mph out of it max.
    if you were to drop to a 36 tooth sprocket, your top speed will increase, but low end torque for take off would suffer a bit.
    But due to the fact that this is a 20" rim, a 36 tooth sprocket will give almost the same effect as a 41 tooth sprocket on a 26" rim.
    having a 41 tooth sprocket on a 20" rim is like having a 56 tooth sprocket on a 26" rim. (i may be a little off on that, but you get the idea).

    Please, whatever you do....make your wiring neat and hide as much of it as you can.
    try to come up with a different gas tank because the kit supplied ones look silly on the o.c.c. frame in my opinion.
    Try a different seat because the stock o.c.c. seat is the most uncomfortable and ugliest(in my opinion) seat out there.
    you will also find that the o.c.c. seat tends to push you forward towards the handlebars. On a chopper you need to sit low and back from the bars.
    For my seat, I just used a standard 10 speed style seat. This kind of seat will not fit on the o.c.c. seat post tho because it's much bigger in diameter.
    So what i did was weld a standard size seat post inside the o.c.c. seat post. I left about 2 inches of the standard post sticking out of the o.c.c. post so I could bolt the 10 speed seat to it. You have to keep the o.c.c. post because it's the only post that will fit down into the frame. So by welding a standard seat post inside of it, you can out on whatever standard size seat that you want. No, you can't just put the mount from the o.c.c. seat onto a standard seat because the mount is part of the seat itself.

    I used the gas tank from a jesse james west coast choppers bicycle (which i have a ton of work in by the way) and I made a hidden mount for it.

    Use your imagination and get creative with this build.
    I'm not telling you how to build your bike but it's nice to see when someone use things other than what's supplied in a standard kit.
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    The work you put into was well worth the effort, it looks super. I have used the std. tank and hidden juice tank on builds.
    The seat you chose looks like it was made to go with that tank.
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    ya your build looks incredible!
  7. Bob Mac

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    sbp expansion chamber

    Yes, It will fit. It has to sweep up on the laft side. I had to add another 45 degree copper fitting to get it to fit, but it works
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    If i were to be wanting to buy a Clamshell Sprocket Adapter, would i buy the LARGE one for single speed coaster hubs, or the SMALL for multi speed bikes?
  9. motorpsycho

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    if your rear hub is a freewheel and is skinny, then you would need the one for the mutli speed hub.
    if your rear hub is fat and has a coaster brake, then you need the one for a single speed coaster hub.
    BUT, I'm unsure of the diameter of either of these hubs, or the clamshell adapter.
    Look at th epic of my o.c.c. because mine has the skinny, freewheel rear hub (which would be the same as a multispeed hub).
    BUT again, if yours happens to be one of the 3 speed o.c.c.'s then i have no idea what adapter you would need because i have no idea what diameter the 3 speed hub is. I will assume that the 3 speed hub on the o.c.c.'s is the same diamter as a coaster brake hub, because normally 3 speed hubs are internally geared with one outer sprocket.
    You need to know exactly which hub your bike has before you can buy an adapter for it.
    mine is a single speed freewheel hub, and i'm just using the rag joint which works fine.

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