Sydney, Australia 80cc bike for sale

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    Hey all, well i'm getting a new bike and i have no need for two so, maybe someone instead of getting a pre-build bike from a retailer on a poor quality kmart bike would prefer this

    80cc ( 66 real cc's ) Starfire GT4 engine, still in break in period in great condition.

    This engine is attached to a 26" Harro Lightweight Alloy bicycle, with 24 gears/speed. seriously this bike weighs less than the engine that's on it :tt1:

    If i could get $550 (Aussie dollars) i would be happy, but i'm open to offers

    edit: also this bike comes with both 44 and 41 tooth sprockets

    EDIT2: added pictures. i'll get some daytime pictures tomorrow ^_^

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    ok, i've decided on keeping the engine and just selling the bike :)

    i'm open to offers for the bike :)