Sydney MBc rally, who is in? A weather Poll.

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As an Attendee to Sydney MBc Gathering, would you attend if it rains on the day ?

  1. Yes, bring it on water don't scare me.

  2. No, I'll be home on the couch under a blanket.

  3. yes, I'll happily watch and follow from a car.

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  1. will_start

    will_start Member

    some do, some don't
    thats the point !!

    Who wants to ride in the Sydney MBc Gathering, if it rains ?
    Its rained in Sydney for the last week,
    and we're a week off our Gathering date of June 14.

    i love the rain, like a dog likes barking

    so i'm in rain or sun, and I guess same goes for fredie
    on the out brigade I guess would be FSAAA and kjparker.

    thats it I'm starting a new thread just for a poll on
    who would be in and out if it rained for The Gathering,

    (ok, so gives me an excuse to start a poll).

    we may get bogus votes, but I reckon the votes
    decide wether we run it or not, if it looks like rain.
    (there is some limited shelter at the venue.)

    thats the most democratic way.

    some'll think its cool :cool:
    some'll think its stupid :rolleyes:

    thats life.

    5 votes minimum by attendee's for it to be a decision.
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  2. jonasquinn

    jonasquinn New Member

    I'll say yes, as long as it won't hurt my bike :S
  3. llopart

    llopart New Member

    I have been today at Centennial with the bike, under heavy rain.
    very funny and nice, quiet place...I mean.....the park is yours ;)

    I rode until the fuel tube broke and started leaking petrol
    Also I realized I was running with 3 head bolts on my engine only, and no leaking!? very happy about that :)

    Anyway, I will be in that race unless there is a tornado

    See you!
  4. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    Honey it wont ruin your bike we in washington state are the land of rain and honey...good luck on your get together.
  5. will_start

    will_start Member

    rain will only hurt your bike if you haven't sealed your electrical plug hole.
    IE the hole where the three cables ( blue black and white ) enter the engine.
    also using a sealant around the seals helping keep it dry and grit free.

    my engine is covered in grime, and it works great when I have no bicycle issues.