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    I have a 66cc balanced engine from out friend in SA Rock Solid

    a Sick Bike parts exaust
    a sick bike parts shift kit ( the original kit )

    I had a lot of trouble getting it all together and due to the strange geometry of the bike or my increasing frustration of it all i wish to sell these. The engine has about 20km on it.. yes 20 km. It's been sitting out the back for over a year gathering dust. I rode it once to class and on the way back the cain from shift kit output sprocket to pedals sprocket came undone and ever since then no matter what i do they will not line up :( maybe i'm missing something i do not know.

    Anyways there's about $1000 value here including the bike it's all on. I would like to sell it for $500 including the bike. so i don't have to take it all apart. The lucky buyer gets a 99% built bike :)

    It's this bike

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