T-Town on the point. Ruston Washington

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    Hello all, new to this fourm.

    Bike in the picture is a 1954 Monark Firestone Super Crusier. 99cc Predator, Q-Matic belt drive, 60's vintage MC saddle bags, HD 12g rear with 56t Sprtsmanflyer hub adaptor w/ coaster, SA hub front. 1" wraped header from AFG. Gas tank from a 60's garden tiller. Tires are Goodyear clones. Knee action springer is 51 Monark. All the original bike parts were won on eBay and assembled with original patina.

    Engine mods, Air intake, Header, Carb rejet, governer removed.

    The qmatic with a 3" front pully WOT 47mph slug on any incline.
    2.5" front pully WOT 40mph powers up inclines and hills. This is how I run now there are alot of hills in Tacoma. Ride videos under 6labrats on youtube.

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    welcome to the form like your MB.
    You can post youtube on here would love to see some of your video
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    Sweet. Very nicely finished for a DIY build. Do you also own the power wagon in the background?