t8f rear sprocket


Bellatrix LeStrange

Has anyone seen place to buy t8f rear sprocket to mount on the wheels? I've got an 1800w mid drive motor that's fixed with a t8f sprocket and I can't change it out. Would love to use this motor if I can. I'd set this up on the free side of the wheel so basically one chain on each side like the gassers do.


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Sep 23, 2013
Is there a freewheel in there somewhere or will the wheel be driving the motor any time the motor isn't driving the wheel?

haven't personally seen (or remembered seeing) a t8f sprocket with holes drilled in the right place for a 6-bolt brake rotor mount and the correct lateral offset you require (but didn't specify).
I think quad/mini/monkey bikes and mini motorscooters are t8f aren't they? :unsure:
Then you can have fun making an adaptor and it can have the necessary lateral offset for your individual needs. :geek:
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