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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mrbg, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. mrbg

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    So I had to go through the process, geez what's up with that you'd think you were protecting national security. I had an easier time logging in to social security website

  2. mrbg

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    And how do reset my password from the one that was issued, if it's a hassle I'll memorize it
  3. troyg

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    I'm curious, why you're asking this on a motorized bike forum, and not some tablet forum?
  4. mrbg

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    it's the third time I've had to register
  5. butre

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    maybe you should just try remembering your username/password combo
  6. troyg

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    OH, I get it; it's someone too stupid to remember their own password, and then they blame the tablet, and then the website; mind shatteringly stupid. Technology sure is helping things, people can't remember phone numbers or passwords, then want someone who hasn't crippled their brain help them.It's called too stupid to live.I see a bike fatality on the horizon. "I forgot where I put the toilet paper, will someone wipe my a.s.s.?".
  7. mrbg

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    OK, I guess you needed that to make yourself feel better, it was a joke originally you took it somewhere else
  8. siouxindian

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    w t f!! ? is this for real! ?