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  1. peter nap

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    I've started thinking (always dangerous) that I'd like a Tach om my NE5. Is there one available from Whizzer and is there a better place to buy one?


  2. RdKryton

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    Yes Whizzer has one listed on the web site but it is temporarily out of stock. I was doing a little Google searching but I did not have any luck yet. Maybe Quenton, Bill Green, or MotorbikeMike will chime in here. They are Whizzer gurus. They may have one or at least know where to get one.

  3. Whizzer Tach

    Hi I wouldn't know of anyone, anywhere that would have a good aftermarket matching Tach.......BUT I have 3 or so of the Whizzer Tach's in stock

  4. bill green

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    Hi all I have three on BACK ORDER . sorry ....Bill Green
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    I am out of the white face tachometer for the NE motor. Whizzer is also out of stock at the moment. Sounds like you need to contact Mike and buy one. I have used several different electronic tachometers on my Whizzer dirt bikes, but all have digital read outs, and look poor on a classic Whizzer.
    Have fun,
  6. RdKryton

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    There you go. Mike has a couple. Thanks for the quick reply guys.

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    Thanks Guys!

    Mike, I sent you a PM this morning.
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Whizzer just informed me the tachometers are in stock. I will re-stock them when I return from Dawson Springs, KY. I suggest contacting your nearest authorized Whizzer dealer if you want one. The tachometer is one of Whizzers top selling accessories, and is a "must" have item. Every new edition Whizzer I have is equiped with a tachometer. And just for the record my stock Ambassador will reach almost 7000 RPMs under load.
    Hope to see some of you at the show next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday [May 22/24]. Rumor has it that Terry McAllister might bring his twin motor Whizzer [I have pictures].
    Have fun,
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    Hi peter I also got A call from whiizzer today and I ordered one extra one. If you need it let me know . Bill Green
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    Will a tachometer like this one work on a Taiwan Whizzer?




    It sure looks like it has the same form factor and mounting scheme as the speedo.

    This tach appears to have 4 wires. I looked at the WC-1 wiring diagram to see if it would work, but it looks like the tach is not shown on that wiring diagram?

    .....yes I know the Whizzer flathead won't run anywhere close to 13k rpm :whistling:
  11. Quenton Guenther

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    I have one Whizzer flat-head motor that turns over 8,000

    Tachometer may or may not work. It depends on the CDI, as the tack is fired from the CDI. If the tachometer is digital it won't work on the WC-1 Or NE motors. The ignition went digital on the Ambassadors & Ne-r models.

    Have fun,
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    I was messing with fitting a car tach to my weed eater bike last year; if I atatched it to the spark plug it would run the tach but kill the spark. However it would work fine if the two signal wires were in parallel with the kill switch. That's all I remember. And that 13000rpm tach is supposed to be universal for motorcycles+scooters so it should be fine. IIRC some of them have a little wire that you wrap around the spark plug wire for signal
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    I also just ran it of a small 9 volt battery
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  15. Genio

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    NER tach intermittent

    I just finished putting my 2008 NER back together after replacing a head gasket. Runs fine now but the tack is now intermittent. A couple of times it started working by using the rear break. Can not find any wiring diagram for the tack. Does any one out there have any info on it. Only have a few miles on it as there are a lot of hills here and either the clutch slips or the belts do? I think I have the belts tightened, just waiting for the snow to melt to try it again.
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