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    hi im popeye,
    ive had it in my head for a while now that i want a taddy with 4 stroke power as a toy, i joined this website and others and have been reading up and collecting parts, it now coming to critical mass and im going to be starting the design work soon,
    the problem is ive done nothing like this before, i cant weld (have a friend who does and will ;) friends are cool no?) so basically ive got to come up with a design cut the steel/frames/whatever else ive scavenged prep it and he'll show up mig it and bill me at the bar
    so back end- easy bit, 26" rear triangle from dual sus. box shop bike
    middle- Jesus cross arrangement of box section 1" - 1.5"
    front- bottom bar and crank from df **** bike
    sides- this is where i struggle steering and axles, how to side mount 20" bmx wheels? use matching forks? (i have none and dont like the look) the atomic zombie no lathe hubs? (out of my skill set im sure) wheel chair? child wheel chair? ive thought about that a few times and childs wheelchair may be a good thing if i can source one but what im getting at is im stumped about the steering and hubs so if anyone would like to share their experiences with me i would be most grateful pics to illustrate point would help no end too
    many thanks

    also i have an idea it maybe worth having a stickie'd thread about geometry/rake/castor and axles in the trike forum as from what ive read if you get it wrong you get odd/scary handling or lack thereof

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    Caster & Camber are both 15°
    Toe~in = a 'smidge'
    google "ackerman steering" to find tie~rod placement.

    at least.... 14 mm axles.

    Have a look at these links. (& the links within the posts )



    Have a look....@ fleebell's (I DO like the matching fork design! )

    SimpleSimon is our go-to design guy!!

    Enjoy :D
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    Listen to Dave, Popeye. SimpleSimon is most surely our go-to design guy!! I have relied on him for quite a few things.

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    I agree. Simon knows. Alternitavely, buying stuff can be ok. Oops. That line below has been here for a long time. I should try to remember how to change it.
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