Tail/brake light questions...

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by k-wad, May 28, 2014.

  1. k-wad

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    I finally got my NE-5 up and running again after a long hibernation, however, the old factory battery is no longer with us.
    My only problem now is it keeps blowing out tail light bulbs. This was never a problem before. The original factory bulb lasted up until a few nights ago.
    Replaced it with a new 1157 from the local auto-parts store and thought I was good to go, but, they just keep burning out.
    It only seems to blow out the low-beam (the running light) filament.

    Could this possible be because I am not currently running a battery?
    I haven't messed with the electrical, with the exception of removing the battery.

    Also, has anyone used one of those LED brake light bulbs?
    Any reason not to use one?

  2. LR Jerry

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    Its highly possible that's the problem. Unfortunately the light wire on some if 2 strokes doesn't provide a regulated full DC voltage.
  3. jbcruisin

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    yeah try an LED bulb
  4. k-wad

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    I've got one of those 1157 "bulbs" with the LED's sticking out at all angles on order as well as a replacement battery.
    Hopefully, that should cover it from both ends.

    I've got another light related question for y'all; does anyone know of a brighter bulb for the factory Whizzer headlight?
    I'd love to change it out to an H4 style bulb, but, I don't think it'd fit without some modifications to the headlight (which I really don't want to do).
  5. jbcruisin

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    Those headlights take a weird bulb. I couldn't find one anywhere except from the Whizzer company. I hope someone on here knows of another place to get them.
  6. k-wad

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    From what I've read, the Whizzer headlight is a copy of an old Bates headlight.
    I've found various places that seem to sell replacement bulbs, but, haven't tried one out myself to verify.
    Here's one that I've found http://www.nichecycle.com/ncs/index...8-65922-bulb-t19-p15d1-12v35-35w-by-emgo.html

    It sure does look like the right bulb, and for three bucks, I might just have to give it a try......

    I'd still like to find something brighter though. I'm afraid my only option would be to get another headlight assembly set up for halogen bulbs.
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  7. k-wad

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    I went ahead and purchased the headlight bulb in my above post.
    I'll let you all know if it is the right one when it arrives.
    If it is, then we now have a cheap source of replacement headlight bulbs.
    Cost me a total of $5.07, including shipping. Much better than the $14 plus I've seen charged elsewhere....
  8. k-wad

    k-wad Member

    Just a quick update;

    I received my new headlight bulb from Niche Cycle Supply and am happy to report that it is indeed the correct size bulb.
    It is also MUCH brighter than the factory bulb! (New bulb is 35w, old bulb was only 25w)

    This seems to be a "T19" size bulb.
    When I googled "T19 bulb", it came up with a bunch of hits for this size bulb in different wattages, including some listed as xenon and halogen.
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  9. Quenton Guenther

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    The earlier models produced less power [amps/wattage] than the later versions. All WC-1 and early NE motors used a 6 pole stator, whereas the later models used an 8 pole unit.

    Sadly the 6 pole unit only produced enough power to "keep" the battery charged and run the lights. If the battery was dead it was wise to use a charger and then let the system keep it charged. Although the system would charge battery over a long time period, if the battery was weak it just wouldn't accept any charge.

    If the headlight wattage is increased on the early system it could use too much power and slowly discharge the battery. I would suspect using an LED tail light would balance out the larger headlight.

    The later 8 pole stators would easily handle a 35W headlight, but the large 40/45W headlight used on the NE-r and Ambassadors were too much drain on the system [I know, because my 2007 Ambassador won't keep the battery charged].

    The tail light shouldn't blow without the battery, because the system is regulated to avoid "smoking" the battery. It is wise to use the battery as it smooths out the pulses going to the horn, turn signals, and tachometer [if installed]. Most often the tail light is broken by vibration due to suspension issues. The LED tail light should cure all possible problems.

    Have fun,
  10. k-wad

    k-wad Member

    Thanks for the info Quenton.
    I must have gotten a hold of some dud light-bulbs that couldn't handle the vibes.