Tail light, that goes on brighter when brakes applied...



I need to wire a tail light, I don't care if 6v or 12 v, but I want somethat that will hook up to my brake cable, so when pulled, it will turn on the light...so it works as it does on a car.

Getting one of those levers is not an option, as I have a dual cable brake lever so I have both put into one, so I don't have to worry about 2 brake levers and a clutch.

How can I wire one? Any kits...I already have turn signals installed, so I don't want one of those turn signal + tail light bike kits...those suck, I have cat eye turn signals installed now...


Chris, I don't think you are going to have much luck unless you are willing to embrace a lever with a built in switch. The only other thing I can think of is wiring an actual bar mounted switch that you engage everytime you use the brake lever; but that may be a pain.
What is your idea behind needing a brake light in addition to your tail and turn lights?


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Aug 4, 2006
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I think that safety is a pretty big issue for having these brake lights, it could come in handy sometimes. I bet the only way to do it is to rig a switch into your brake lever, so when you pull it, it turns the switch on. Maybe you could get a switch similar to the kill switch, and somehow tape it onto your grip, so that when you pull the lever, the lever itself comes down and presses the button. I don't know how well that would work though... hmmm... tough idea

I like the way you have both brakes connected to the one brake lever. Thats a totally good idea.


if you use our ebay box and search for led tail lights, you'll eventually find a hong-kong cheapo brakelight that hooks up at the brake lever, it looks alright for what it is, but it's not for me...


tom you can get the dual pull brake levers from j and b importers thru your bike shop here is a link to it this is what i use on my bikes well worth it to confusing without them there like 10 bucks i think the guys in trinity bike shop in grove beach can get them for you just call them they know what they are and what there for larry ca


my next upgrades HAVE to be a double-pull brake lever and a brake light kit.
I wonder if a brake light is even necessary for communicating that we are braking - these bikes are
so LOUD - when there is an abrupt drop in volume it's pretty obvious we are slowing down :D


there has to be a way to wire a moped light..and I just spent $12 on the dual lever..I am not going to take it back, I like it.

I found the kit on ebay...but I already have high quality turn signals installed...and I don't want that tacky POS on my bike.

I do like the sensor idea though..it goes on the rear brake line itself, not on the lever.

Thanks...and any additional comments greatly appreciated.



If your a running a bike with rim or drum brakes it would be relatively easily to rig up a brake light using a microswith actuated by some moving part of the brake itself. It isn't neccessary to mount the switch on the brake lever, although that would work also. A micro swicth is compact and most can be wired in a contact normally open or normally closed setup. It takes very little movement to activate the switch. As you can see in the attached pictures there are little holes for mounting screws or rivets. Most of the work is in making a mounting bracket and running the wiring. I am in the process of adapting a mircroswitch to be my kill switch as well. I don't like the funky ones that come with the chinese bike motors. The pictures are just examples there are lots more configurations available.