TAILG TDL 232Z (Emoped) first impressions


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Sep 23, 2013
Wow I would much rather build an ebike or hybrid ebike mbike. Haha :LOL:

The TDL 232Z is called their "loading ebike" it's the cargo version of the TAILG "traditional style" Emoped, and it has a multifunction rear rack made from heavyyy steel which can support 75kg of goods or depending how you configure the sprung/folded rear racks. I'll get photos soon of that bit and how it transforms. :geek:


It has a lead acid battery which is very heavy and the rest if the bike is overbuilt to support all this stuff. The fork is huge triple clamped and just a telescopic springer apparently. No sign of any damping. Rear is rigid. Not ideal for this weight of vehicle and with cargo on the back especially. :confused:
It makes me appreciate how light the Night Fur(r)y is! :bowdown:

The manual is written in Chinese but I think I understand most of the pictures. Just plug it in overnight and then unplug it and turn the key, lol. :sneaky:

It's FAR too heavy so I'll remove a few parts that I don't need, but that won't help much.
Top speed is about 23mph if anyone is still interested by this point in the post haha. :ROFLMAO:
It has no speedometer. Just battery level indicator. It has lights and a too loud horn. No room for a polite and gentle bicycle bell.


I went four miles out and back just earlier and it was very quick and silent apart from the bouncing track stand. It was pretty unremarkable and not a thrill. :sleep:
Pleasant enough I suppose. I like the silence, but not the moped look. :coffee::unsure:



It was a pain to get up the front steps of the house, had to use the engine and that was funny because the throttle is on or off and the torque is instant. It's very difficult to turn it around in the hallway to back it into my apartment. I have made a small tyre mark on the freshly painted wall. :eek: haha.
I prefer to be able to lift up the front wheel easily like I can with my mbike. :unsure:

Despite which, it's far too small for me. I need at least a layback seat post. I would almost be more comfortable on the back seat! :oops:
Okay I suppose it's okay for teenage girls to get to school on, lol. But then they don't need the cargo model with all that passenger or cargo carrying space. :ROFLMAO:
I just thought I can carry my shopping basket or my big box of fishing equipment and I can attach fishing rods upright at the back. :giggle:
Unfortunately even for this it might be just a bit less convenient than the Night Fur(r)y plus BoB style trailer, even on short trips, once the Night Fur(r)y finally gets its electric front wheel. :rolleyes:

The bottom line is its way too heavy and looks little like a bicycle. I'll sell it.
For now I'll have fun occasionally riding it to Aldi. :whistle:
I'll have to sell it in August.. ride it up and down the seafront with a bottle of wine and plastic wine glasses in the front basket, with cool chilled music on the portable speaker, and a For Sale sign on the passenger backrest. :cool:

Self build things, even just conversion kits, are better, and also more fun. :geek:
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