Take a break

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by softride, Sep 8, 2008.

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    oh no, another 12 step program
  3. Tinker1980

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    NOOOOO! I'll never get to work on time now!

  4. Simonator

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    I found that game a few days ago. I got stuck playing it all day!
  5. Accender

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    Ok, it's been fourty five mins. I gonna do it some more.

    I Hate You for this


  6. tinman

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    WoW how addicting. Gave me somthin to do the last 2 days waiting for my motor to come. Got em all. some not so pretty but they worked. Hmmm now I need somthin else to do while im waiting.
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    I couldn't get past the big ball game for that amazing contraption game--the one where the ball rolls in the way of the target area before you get to it. Did any of you guys get past that?...

    Okay--I see now, you can go to the different ones! The big ball one is #13. :|
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