Taking Parts From Schwinn S-500 to a Bicycle


Local time
12:43 PM
Jul 9, 2008
Westerly, Rhode Island

I would like to try putting my schwinn electric scooter motor somewhere in the middle of my frame or wherever it would be the easiest to mount it. I was thinking of mounting it in a position like a happy time, and just using the scooter sprocket and putting it on the back rim somehow(maybe similar to a happy time--drill nine holes in it and fasten it on) and then just buy a longer chain and mount the other parts somewhere(batt, controller, throttle,)

I was looking at pictures of the ZoomBicycles 500w kit, and they have the motor mounted under the bike, and it allows you to use the bikes gearing. But then I would have to reverse the motor(shouldnt be hard-switch the wires i think) and get some kind of free wheeling sprocket so the motor wouldnt make the pedals move.

May be kind of confusing... does anyone have ideas that wouldnt be too complicated to set up? I'm thinking my first idea should work as long as the two sprockets are lined up.

I'm basically doing the same thing. Different parts, but also inspired by the Cyclone/Zoom Bicycles. I assume that scooter motor is chain driven? The Currie motor I have would be damaged if was to be wired backwards. If there is alot of resistance when you roll your scooter backwards. If so I wouldn't wire it backwards.:-/