Talking about tires, heres a dumb question

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Fly1, Dec 10, 2014.

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    My new bike arrived today & she is slick.I hate to ask this dumb question, but I,m
    ole school & have not worked on a bicycle since I was a kidd.But this thing has a funny
    looking air valve stem.

    Does it take a new kind of air pump or what?I told you it was a dumb question but I
    have never seen a tiny one like these.


  2. butre

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    is it the one on the left? I hate those things, but you can just get a tiny little brass adapter to make it fill like a schrader. they're about a dollar at any local bike shop.

    Presta valves are all the rage among road bikers because the french use them, but outside of the spandex world over in mtb and cruiser bike territory schraders are still king

    you may be able to simply replace the tube with a schrader valve tube if the valve stem hole is big enough.
  3. Fabian

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    Every bicycle i have ever owned has been fitted or retrofitted with schrader valves, for the simple reason that you can pump up the tyre at a petrol station (gas station), and the greater majority of cyclists have a tyre pump that is designed with a Schrader fitting.

    You can retrofit the wider road racing bicycle rims to accept Schrader inner tubes with slight modification to the rim valve hole.

    For me, it's Schrader all the way, even if the rim wasn't originally designed for the slightly larger diameter of the Schrader valve.
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    Thanks guys I will get the adapter so I can use the pump I have.

    Thanks again Fly
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    Any pics of the new bike? Pics or it ain't so...........................
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    No1 rule of ordering tubes for bicycles, Make sure it says shrader valve in the product description. I have 2 air pumps I use and neither will fill a presta valve tube.
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    I personally think presta is superior, but schrader is ubiquitous, so I usually drill rims.BUT I also keep the two presta/schrader adapters, because you never know.One is an AL sleeve that adapts valve stem to schrader rim, the other is the end stem adapter, they are very handy to keep in your kit, most LBS carry.
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    I accidently ordered tubes with with those funky presta valves off amazon, first thing I did was replace them with a set of tubes with schrader valves. Even though my pump will accept both I kept thinking about what would happen if I ran low on air on the road and didn't carry a spare pump on the bike and had to stop by a station to fill them up. Funny thing though since I changed the tubes I noticed all the bicycle shops I've been too latley have adapters sitting on the counter right next to the checkout, if you wanna be cheap & aint planning on carrying a pump on you bike it would probably be a damn good idea to get you some adapters.