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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by scottyo, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Hey Guys

    Im a 6'6" guy looking to purchase/build my first motored bike. I really like the classic motored cruiser style that spooky tooth is selling, but I cant find a cruiser frame that I KNOW FOR SURE will fit me. I would like to purchase my first moped complete (ie spooky tooth) but would also be interested in finding just a larger cruiser frame too.

    So far Ive contacted Spooky Tooth and gotten a list of their bikes' wheelbases and frame sizes.

    Does anyone know of a larger cruiser that would fit me?


  2. bamabikeguy

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    The Sun Comfort Rover series is a knock off of a Diamondback that costs about $100 more.

    I have had a few customers as tall as you, what this model gives you are pedals about 6 inches in front of the seat post, and handlebars that have 3 options for placements, as opposed to the standard up/tilt only choices.

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    Are you looking to motor around most of the time, or pedal much of the time as well?

    I ask because I am a bit tall- 6'3" and pretty big- over 220#- I have a standard cruiser frame with the seat as low as it will go, but moved back over the rear wheel. I built mine to mimic an early motorcycle so pedalling in not high on my list. I fitted a crank with short arms which gives knee clearance. However, if you are planning on pedalling most of the time, you will probably want to ensure you get a larger frame.
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    Oh! Were you the guy in Wired?

    I do have a regular mountain bike for exericse so I would be using this moped for mostly engine powered riding but my worry is if my engine were to fail me 30 miles from my house, I wanna be able to pedal back without ruining my knees becasue my legs are tucked under me.
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    I did look at the sun comfort rover and based on the photo I saw it looked like a more modern styled cruiser (which if that is the only option Ill go with), but Ill really like a classic style cruiser, with all the curved frame pieces and white wall tires and all.
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    Yep, that was me in Wired.

    I understand your concern. Also, I have a longer torso and only slightly long legs (36 inseam), so that helps me in the bike department. You probably do not want cranks that are too short, but a seat post that placed the seat a bit further back can help. Bent seat posts are available a lot of places.

    I know that Worksman has a couple different sizes of frames- they measure the length of the seatpost and they have a 20" model available (36" wheels of course).

    Here is an interesting cruiser from "Just Bicycles". It says a person must be over 6' tall to ride this bicycle. It is listed as a 17" frame, but you can see that the seat post is much longer.
    http://justbicycles.com/bike_details.php?item=JBF :Beach-Cruisers-Bicycles-The Chief

    Here is what looks like the same cruiser, but it is listed as a 19" frame. It also is marketed as designed for taller riders.
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    Here is a link to a bicycle that will probably be the best fit for you in what could be called a classic style beach crusier. http://ocbeachbike.com/greenline-beach-cruiser-grbc110.html These bikes are Huge, but they are also quite Heavy (pushing 60lbs.) There are what are termed Extended frames now Electra has the Townie and in an inexpensive bike the FirmStrong Chief is made for taller riders and should be in the $200.00 or less catagory.

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    Firmstrong "The Chief " is probably your best bet. I sat on one about a week ago and it was nice. I'm 6'1" and felt like it had plenty more room for a taller person.
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    the greenline bc-103 stretch cruiser is great for us big guys too. i'm very comfortable cruising along at 35 mph on mine.
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    What issue was this?
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    I'm 6'3 with loooong legs and the typical Schwinn Chopper with the straight handlebars, was barely pedal-able. So I raised the handlebars 8" with a homemade* 'iron cross' and also made an 8" seat post extension. Now it pedals just fine, not that I pedal much after the motor is going..

    I think some 'ape hangers' would also be fine on this bike, but it would involve extending the cables.


    * by 'home' I mean shop and it's well equipped with welder, plasma, chop saws and lots of steel cutoffs to play with. I'm also a car guy and convertible guy and basically I will buy anything that leaks oil. As long as it's cheap. I'd buy a season's pass at Pick Your Part if there was such a thing.