? Tanaka or Mitsubishi Tecumseh or Good 2 stroke copy?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by occchopperfl, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. occchopperfl

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    Does anyone know about Tanaka or Mitsubishi or Tecumseh or Good 2 stroke copy?
    (@ 33 40, 43 or 49 cc's)

    Are there parts readily available?

    (I believe Tecumseh is out of business.)

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you.

  2. Esteban

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    Tanaka , Mitsubishie , Honda , Robin-Subaru , are all TOP choices. Tecumseh , while it was once a good choice, I just would not buy one, now.
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  3. Tanaka40

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    I agree with Estaban. I am partial to the Tanaka engines. They are built for industrial uses like landscape maintenance and farm work where the tools are the difference between making a living or going broke. They come with a 3 year consumer warranty, so they expect that the product will exceed the warranty period. (some yard tools now come with a 7 year consumer warranty !) Don't mess around, get a good engine and you won't be sorry. :cool2:
  4. occchopperfl

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    are tanakas overly noisy?
  5. Tanaka40

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    No, To lessen the noise, you can change the muffler to a TC-47 with side outlets and attatch an elbow to deflect the noise away from to driver. I don't know about attatching a silencer with silicone hose and hose clamps. I have my GEBE system at a 135 degree angle rearward to lessen the noise. 40cc's gives enough power to propel my 285 fat B**t along with a 65 pound bike at over 30 MPH (state law for motor assisted bikes..... aaah maybe a little faster, but I won't tell LOL)
  6. Esteban

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    I have a Robin-Subaru weedeater that has a great deal of use. It still starts & runs great, even if it is ONLY 25 years old.
    " You get what you pay for. "