Tanaka PF3300 makes awful grinding noises...

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by MGDB, Sep 10, 2012.

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    I got a new Tanaka PF3300 engine off ebay to mount on a staton friction drive I bought. I got it today. Being the eager person I am, I put in some 50:1 mix, primed it, attatched the throttle cable and fired it up. Keep in mind the cluthc cover thingie wasn't attatched.
    It started up, making this awful grinding noise. I shut it off immediately. What did I do wrong. Do I need to connect it to the clutch bell on the friction drive? Or did I get a bad engine? It wasn't like a normal sound either as I have a Tanaka string trimmer witha 2 stroke. It had a vibrating grinding noise. Did I wreck something? Maybe the throttle engaged as that was a bit tight. Please help!!!!

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    Who was the seller, out of curiosity?Sounds like a send it back pronto situation.
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    How old is the gas mixture? if fresh, maybe need to send it back to the seller.

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    Its fresh, and its from a mix so its mixed right, I used it in my string trimmer alot.

    Ok guys, so I figured out what the grinding was. The clutch housing was off, and the clutch started to engage I guess and scraped the clutch rotor on the inside of its "wall". I could see some marks on the rotors of obvious wear. Should I have my clutch housing on? Or what? I guess the engine mus have tried to enage the clutch, maybe my throttle cable was too tight?