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    Hey all...good to be here and hopefully you can help me get my tandem motorized! No experience but alot of desire...I want to put a motor on this because electric is to expensive and I wan to get my disabled wife out of the house and having some slowwww cruising fun without the concern of pedalling. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Measurements give a maximum of 8" to get an engine into...is that enough with body modifications because I am not comfortable with making modifications to the frame. Thanks everyone!!


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    Welcome to the club, Mac.

    Your remark, "without concern for pedalling" and your disabled wife makes me worry. I would actually recommend a trike for you, maybe a special one with side-by-side seating. I've seen one on the 'net before, can't remember when/where. Methinks it'd fit you and your wife better.

    A trike and a Robin/Subaru w/Staton front friction drive .

    Perfect for slowwww cruising. Then there'd be no concern with pedalling or balance issues!:idea: