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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tinker4, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. tinker4

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    Anyone have any ideas on how I should mount the tank with this configuration? This is my SharkFire Cruzer and Im not sure how to deal with this.:confused:

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  2. brendonv

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    maybe u can JB Weld it on. Or weld it, thats the only ideas i got.
  3. fetor56

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    See if this is possible:if the tank bolts are getting in the way of the frame put the supplied brackets on the tank & cut the bolts as short as needed.Drill a hole through the centre of the brackets & place the proper length bolts(one for each bracket) in it.....connect with brackets underneath the top of the frame.
    Use bicycle/car innertube to cushion the tank & DON'T tighten everything unrealistically tight.
  4. s_beaudry

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    Go the easy route and get a rear rack with a fuel tank mounted on it....

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    my bike was just like this... i went to home depot and bought some clamp metal... (the stuff on those metal clamps, thin strip of metal with holes in it). cut it to length and wrapped it down below the frame. on the back mount i used the standard given one..

    i then painted it to the color of my bike.. works great and very very easy

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    i might add, they sell the strip in a long roll. so you can cut it however long you want.
  7. augidog

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    i think you're talking about "plumber's tape"...very handy stuff.
  8. mikaleno

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    I'll never take mounting a tank lightly, with metal bands or rivets. Bands break and studs not mounted in the standard way will crack at the base and leak gas, "Dangerous"! Braze some brackets on that fit the frame. Lose those studs (grind em' flat) and braze over them. You could make brackets like mine and then put one straight stock under your top tubes up front and drill through that and the plate at the back, then put bolts through it, "Solid Man"! You can buy a torch cheap at the hardware store, it comes with instructions. Get some wielder goggles and a way to hold the tank and brackets without getting burnt. Wash out the tank first with a degreaser like "Super Clean" first.

    Best thing I ever did, zero tank problems!

    You got a cool bike, it's gonna look dope!!

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    Engine clearance

    Does anyone have any specs on a 70cc china motor. I want to mount one on my Sharkfire and only have 13 inchs from top bar to bottom. Width wise I have more room and I think I'l be ok. Thanks :evil: PS you can see what my bike looks like in the picture gallery.:smile: