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  1. sourapplesfarm

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    Hey guys I'm working on my first bike and was reading something about tank liner. Is using this a good idea and does anyone know where to buy a small amount of it. The tank is so small it should'nt take much. Thanks.

  2. spad4me

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    Auto zone, Checker, O Reilly, NAPA ec. Just ask at the counter
  3. sourapplesfarm

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    I didn't know I could buy it local. I thought it would have to be ordered from a motorcycle supply or something. Im going to paint the tank this weekend so I'll see about picking up the liner today. Thsnks.
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    Its well worth doing as the tank gets pretty rusty! I'm going to move this thread to the general discussion forum, as this forum is really only for performance modifications.

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    Thanks Fastboy. When I realized I entered this in the wrong forum it was too late. I tried to delete it and I tried to move it but with no luck. Sorry about that.
    I have checked with the local auto supplies and nobody has the liner. I guess I'll search the internet if you recommend to use it.
  6. fastboy9

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    Thats alright mate, yeah I ordered mine off the internet in the end I couldnt find it in any shops. I got some off of eBay.
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    Eastwood sells it not sure the size or price but check their website out.
  9. sourapplesfarm

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    I know I need to line the tank but I'm having a hard time coming off the money. I checked the Eastwood site (Thank You) and it was $33. It seems expensive but your probably getting enough to do about a half dozen tanks. Too bad someone doesn't offer it in smaller sizes for applications like this.
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