Tappered hubs


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12:05 AM
Mar 29, 2008
Hi all I have tried searching for this but can't find what I'm looking for.
My rear is a cheapy, the hub where the sprocket fits is NOT tapered so when sliding the sprocket on it centres it's self straight away. I have gone out to buy a new rear wheel. When I went to the bike shop all the hubs on their wheels are tapered,, so that when you put the sprocket over it with the rubber donut you have to guess the centre. Is this normal?????
Do you normally just eye it up and when it tightens up it will line up???
I hope this sounds better

I thought that I better add this to my thread to help it make sense.
My old rear wheel is now shagged and I need to get a new one.
When I went to buy a new wheel all the ones I looked at the hubs on the left hand side are tapered.
My old wheel was not tapered,, when you placed the sprocket and rubber bush on the hub the sprocket was centered straight away. Then just tighten it up. If you have a wheel with a tapered hub,, when you put the rubber bush and the sprocket over the hub because of the taper the sprocket can wobble a lot. I'm not sure if it will line it's self up when it's tightened.
Hope that makes sense.