TE-bike (Thermoelectrical bike)

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Borromeo, May 8, 2009.

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    People all know that the most efficient way to store energy in the form of a liquid fuel but the best traction engines are electric, so why not build a vehicle with a fuel tank and a small burner that will heat to a battery of Peltier cells, generating electricity and feeding an electric motor system? What do you think?

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    that is why most energy producing propulsion systems do not become available..explosions fire etc.in france they have produced air storage tanks from carbon fibre that do not explode.and have made cars that run on air from a compressor.:cool:
  3. duivendyk

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    Extremely inefficient.The motor might be efficient but the Peltier junctions certainly are not.
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    Funny thing about those carbon fibre wound construction ultra-high pressure air storage tanks.

    Guess where/why they were developed.

    In the US, for the Space Shuttle, to store breathing air for extended stay missions.

    That air powered car is a really quite a nice idea for a city car.
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    Peltiers work well if you can keep a high thermal difference between the junctions - that is, lots of heat on one side (but not too hot - you melt the low temperature solder joints on the junctions) - and keep the other side as cool as possible 0 big heatsink or water cooling - neither are an attractive proposition for a bike....
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    It certainly is attractive to use high pressure air,A French company has designed city cars using compressed air,can easily incorporate regenerative braking and could well beat batteries in terms of cost&durability.