Team Gas Bike 2009

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  1. GasBike

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    Dear Gang,

    We are not new to the industry but we want to participate here in the forum and be a part of this great blog/forum and the Motorized Bicycling community.

    Ride On... 2 or 4 stroke doesn't matter!

    Team Gas Bike

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hi and welcome

    Tell us a little something about yourself.
  3. GasBike

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    Well I could on for days but things are really busy here and I can expand on more about me and us:

    • I have over 30 years of bike and bike retail and mountain bike racing experience.<br>
    • I have over 14 years of E-Commerce experience as I help to shape and mold and our company into one of the leaders and staples in the industry.<br>
    • Now add only 6 months of bicycle engine kit experience and that sums it up.
      I do ride either a 48cc, 49cc or one of our 80cc bikes from warehouse to warehouse or local errands but I do not have my own bike as of yet.
    The GasBike company:

    • Has expanded and grown its engine kit products
    • Has expanded and grown its engine kit parts products (Not all shown on website) to include Grubee parts
    • Has expanded and grown its engine kit support online
    • Has expanded and grown its customer service department to handle wholesale and customer issues, Returns, Credits and RMA's

    We are trying trying our best to help each and every customer with one stop shopping and if we fall short we try to improve and be the best we can be.