Tecumseh 2-stroke

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    I just extracted a Tecumseh 2-banger from an old snowblower. Although rather dirty, it appears mechanically sound; the piston is free and there's compression, and I get a spark when I manually rotate the crank.

    Apparently this is an 8219 series engine, and the one online source still shows parts and diagrams for same.

    Main thing I'm worried about is the pulley on the end of the crank. I've tried the penetrating oil bit, the banging on the end of the securing bolt, and a go with a gear puller on the pulley itself.... Nothing has moved yet.

    I'm thinking a centrifugal clutch assembly can be had that will go right on this thing, if only I can get the pulley and associated parts loose.

    Any ideas?

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    tecumseh snowtrower engine

    I used one of those engines on one of my projects. Good engine....lots of torque, tough, and starts fairly easily. Also about 98 cc's, so technically illegal................unless you get a pic of a 49cc tecumseh and print it on photo paper, glue it to your shroud and cover it with clear. :devilish: I would take a hack saw, or grinder with a cut off wheel and slit the pulley down to the key. Then split it with a chisel. Otherwise heat is helpful as long as you don't draw the temper from the crankshaft. A go kart style clutch with 5/8 id will fit up nicely. Also the engine is rated to 4400 rpm, so the clutch engages at the correct rpm range. Good luck.


    PS. The engine will actually hold together to 6000 rpm if you want to over ride the governor which is set to 4400 rpm constant speed. Very simple to do...remove the spring and air vane under the shround, and run your throttle directly to the carb
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    The pulley yielded to my cheap Harbor Freight gear puller. I soaked it in WD-40 (cures anything, right?) and found a 3/8" drive socket that fit down inside the shaft hole.
    Took some torque before she started moving!

    Now to clean 'er up and make sure she's running.