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    I'm well familiar with bicycle chains; the older, bigger ones for 5-6-or 7 speed bikes, and progressively narrower ones for 8-9-and 10 speed cassettes.

    But I was just looking at a couple of centrifugal clutch sites and they're talking about chain sizes I'm not familiar with. "#41", "#31" and so forth. Do any of these chains relate directly to normal bike chains?

    I have a sprocket from a road-bike crankset that I could use for the rear wheel, provided I can get a chain compatible with the clutch.

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    A 41 has the same roller diameter and pin distance (pitch) as a bike chain but is wider. So you can use a 41 chain on a bike sprocket but you can't use a 41 sprocket with a bike chain.
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    the "4" is any chain- #41, #42, #40, #415, etc. stands for 4 eighths of an inch, or 1/2 inch. Likewise, in motorcycle chains, the "5" (#530, #530, etc.) standa for 5 eighths of an inch. This is measurement of the chain's pitch- the distances from pin to pin. [edit]- That means that a #35 chain and any chain size that starts with "3" (common on go karts and minibikes) has a pitch of 3/8ths of an inch and will not work on these and sprockets of that size cannot be used.

    Any chain that starts with "4" has a 1/2" pitch. Standard bicycle chains have 1/2" pitch. As Ghost) mentioned, a #415 chain, standard in many bicycle kits and a #41 have the same pitch. However, a bicycle chain is narrower overall and, most importantly, between the link plates. There are some bicycle chains (heavy duty BMX chains) that will fit sprockets for a #415, but chains for multispeed bikes have no chance.
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  4. chains for multispeed bikes are not wide enough
    chain and master links for 1-3speed cruiser bikes will fit #415 sprockets that are used on our engine and rear wheel
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    Sorry -

    Chains for single speed, as well as internal hub multi-speed bikes are 1/8 inch width.

    Chains for derailleur multi-speed bikes are 3/32 inch width.
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    I run KMC 415 Extreme. It can handle a lot of power. It's 3/16" wide (inside measurement). Clean and inspect your chain regularly. I don't, and I pay the price for the neglect.
  7. i bought a chain and master link from walmart and it said it was for a 1-3speed cruiser bike and it matches my 415 chain perfectly.