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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by meatball758, Apr 22, 2008.

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    This is going to be a custom frame..2nd build....18 HP v-twin, with occ stingray components..I purchased the wheels and forks from a local shop..i didn't want to butcher my sons occ...The bars will be changes to semi hi-rise pull back.Going to be on the lines of a Old School Bob Harley....Will update progress in future...

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  2. meatball758

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    Oh I need some fenders ...Anybody have any?...I also will post in buy,sell, or trade...
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    Meatball: Where do you get your hands on the V-twin? Looks like that second jug would keep your bum pretty warm on the cold days!! Looks like your on your way. Thanks for sharing. Peace!
  4. "Look officer. It's a motor assist BICYCLE! Look at the handlebars!"

    That bike already is giving me crazy joy.
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    I think it will look cool--but I'd also say that 18HP is kinda a lot of power to be laying down through a bicycle wheel.
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    Hey guy's its great to be getting the feed back on this project, although it is not what this site really is about..I think the wheels and yes the handle bars are the only link to a bike, the rest is leaning towards its cousin the Motor-cycle...I will probably work on this as i build my other bike, a big wheeled earlyShwinn Typhoon or one of the newer cruisers, as that build will be the common conversion of a bicycle to motored bike...But the mini harley project still is on and excites me...Thanks...Meatball
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    Remember, this is coming from a mini chopper dude that thinks outside of the box. Is there any way to stretch it out, and add a peddle sprocket also. To keep it a motorized bike?:shock:______See photo Then we could go to the salt flats and start a schwinn chopper occ suicide class.:grin:

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    im thinking if i could i would do a 50cc dirt bike kit

    or if i can get the 200cc sunl motorcycle 6 speed enigne and tran to put in one

    now where talking
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    Graucho,Now your talking man..This is off the charts fun..Man sharing my wild idea's(not that it hasn't been done before), but to be getting so much interaction is a blast..Thanx for the frame and pedal drive rendition....Hey, you got me thiinking again about that whole set up..I have seen 2 derailers used as tensioners for a very long and oddly routed path to the rear sprocket..Think it can be pulled off...Hummmmmmmm...Spacely sprockets are meshing in my head....