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    Hi, everyone.

    Very cool site. I believe I'll being spending quite a bit of time here digging for answers and ideas.

    The thought of motorizing a bicycle hadn't crossed my mind for a very long time. A long-time cyclist, I was sold on the virtues of spinning for fitness and enjoyed a good, long run in the saddle. Cycling has always been the answer for me. Nothing matches the feeling of the wind in my face, the sun on my back, and two well-tuned wheels beneath me. My very best years were spent with a bicycle at the center of my lifestyle.

    Unfortunately, I'm now a little past my prime. Health issues, a wet climate, and misplaced priorties have kept me off the bike for the greater part of the last eight years. I've grown fat running through excuses not to ride.

    Enough is enough! I dusted off the bike a few weeks ago and am persistently nudging it back to center stage. It hurts to ride. I hurt every time I throw my leg over the bike, but I keep pushing anyways. I'd rather hurt riding than hurt without. Good news is it's starting to hurt less!

    I have a 54 mile round trip commute. Today I rode 20 of them and bussed the rest. I don't yet do this every day, but I hope to by the end of summer. By fall I'd like to ride the whole trip three times a week. It will happen. I know. I've done it before. It's just like (err) riding a bike!

    I'm looking ahead to winter and trying to figure out how not to lose momentum. I wonder if I can do this year round. The winds, rains, and terrain conspire against me as much as the miles. I've been looking at bikes again (please don't tell my wife), trying to figure out what'll work for me.

    It's gotta be big. I'm big. I carry big stuff. I'll have to carry more in the winter months.

    It's gotta be strong. I'm strong when I'm fit - and I will get there. I don't mean to, but I sometimes break things.

    It's gotta be smooth. I'll ride lots of miles on less than perfect roads. Too far to stand like I did 25 years ago.

    It's gonna be heavy. This terrifies me. I've got some stiff grades to pull; Going and coming, they're at the end of my ride. I'm gonna be tired, it's gonna be heavy, and, no matter how strong I think I am, it's gonna hurt. I'm not gonna like that very much. My pride won't allow having this big, strong sweaty man seen struggling or (arghh) walking up the hill.

    Like I was saying, I hadn't thought much about motors for a very long time.

    Then, this afternoon, I met MBc member augidog at the Toad's Truck Stop in Elma, Washington. This dude was riding a MACHINE, the likes of which I'd never seen. Eleven feet long (including the well-provisoned trailer), it reminded me more of a Freightliner than a bike. A Winnebago rolling on spoked wheels. Incredible!

    I tried not to stare. I didn't want to pry. I just couldn't help myself. I had to ask. Those of you knowing Augi can probably guess the rest.

    "Nice bike," I said. "Thanks," said he. "Do you have any questions?" Pause. "I know you're gonna have questions," he said, reaching into the pannier on his trailer and producing a MotoredBikes.com bumper sticker. I'll spare you the rest of the dialog. We hit it off pretty good and and talked a while. He's a great guy and avid spokesman for motored bikes and cycling in general.

    Augidog's bike was similar in many ways to what I'd pictured as my Ultimate Commuter. Long chain stays, plenty of storage, and a comfortable upright riding position. It also has a lot of features I'd never have thought of and will probably never need. Except for one. The motor.

    Augie had rolled into Elma eastbound out of Montesano, where he'd camped a night at Lake Sylvia, on the upper end of town. It's about a 14 mile ride. He said he'd averaged 34 miles per hour (with a noticeable tail wind).

    We had rolled into Toad's at the same time. I'd bucked a headwind for the nine miles out of McCleary and averaged just under 15 MPH. I felt pretty good about that until I saw Augie climb down off of his Winnebago. He was fresh, clean, and breathing normally. I was sweaty, sore, and huffing just a little. Today was the warmest day of the year (so far). I smelled bad.

    He talked to me anyways. He's got tremendous insight into powered bikes. He got me to thinking about it real hard and suggested I come here to find out more. He speaks very highly of your community.

    I've rambled, I know. It's unavoidable. If we're gonna be neighbors, you might as well know where I'm coming from. I'm interested in learning more about you and your bikes. I look forward to your stories, your ideas, and your friendship. I came to learn, to listen, and to share.

    I don't have much time to dig in now. I've got a pile of homework to do. If anyone cares to suggest a path for me (based on my "gotta be this and that" specifications), I'm all ears. Honestly, I'm in no hurry. There's a wealth of information here. I will eventually find what I'm looking for. I know I will. Augie said so.

    I took a few pictures of Augie and his bike in front of Toad's. He lit up when I told him I could upload them here if he wished.

    Can someone please suggest an appropriate thread on which to post these pics?

    Good meeting you!


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    I'd suggest that you go to the Picture Gallery and create a new thread - title it "Augi On the Road" or something similar. Perhaps, if you do, one of the staff here could sticky the thread so that if others come in with similar stories to yours, they can readily be directed there, and we as a community can get a spectators eye view of Augi's adventure.

    The word of the existence of that thread WILL get passed to Augi if it is created, and he can then give others he encounters a heads up on where to post pictures if they are so inclined, and where to see any pics already there showing earlier stages of his journey.

    Augi is a great guy, with an enormous love for this "sport". I envy him his adventure. Thank you for joining, and your post. Like you, I know you can find (or build) the right bike for your needs.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Greetings, welcome to MBc and nice intro.

    Tons of info here daily, more in the archives, look around and get familiar.
  4. give me vtec

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    welcome to the site...

    you met augi huh???? His journey and stories like this are really starting to amaze me.

    He is a good guy... you are lucky to have crossed his path.

    If you have any questions just post them... there is a very good chance somebody here will have an answer. Be careful though... these things are HIGHLY addictive.
  5. Yoda Bob

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    Thanks to all for the "Welcome Aboard". Augi was right. This is a great community and I do feel welcome.

    I took your advice, SS, and posted in the Picture Gallery.

    "Augi Sighting - Elma, WA"



    PS: If you're really wanting a VTEC, I've got a 2.0L for sale :)
  6. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    does it look like this????

  7. Yoda Bob

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    Gosh, no... it sure doesn't. Yours is much prettier!

    And it really is a VTEC.

    Mine, sadly, is not.

    It's actually a ZETEC, yeah, an F-O-R-D. They're actually good little motors. The USAC Ford Focus Midgets run 'em. Very entertaining when they show up at our local dirt speedway. Those little screamers get around the track pretty good. Check 'em out if you get the chance!

    I apologize for the unfortunate misunderstanding. "Senior moments" are coming closer together. Time to start checking into reputable nursing homes...

  8. give me vtec

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    ohhh yeah its got vtec!! 220 all motor hp to the wheel @ 8500 rpm and the motor is completely stock.

    the focus is a great car though.... have you seen the new focus rs???

    ITS SICK!!!! Its got close to 300hp... Sadly we wont see it here... only available in the uk. If it was offered here, you could bet money I would be one of the first on the list.... I have a lust for hot hatchbacks (also have a 175 hp 91 honda crx).

    here check it out....

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  9. Yoda Bob

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    I skipped the Focus on a friend's recommendation. Said the heater/AC ducts smelled like dead cats. Brand new car.

    Zetec came from a Contour. Very disappointing car. Never again! Great motor, very poor automobile.

    I liked the Taurus. Had one with the 3.0 DOHC V6. Plenty fast for a family barge, a real sleeper with the cheap plastic hub caps :)

    I bought the Contour 'cause I needed a cheap commuter and it looked like a mini-Taurus. Very cute. Motor is all that's left of it. Did I say never again?

    You were absolutely right. This is HIGHLY addicting. I'm not getting any homework done.

    Planning my first motor bike is fast becoming an obsession.

    Great riding in Socal. I miss it. Three straight weeks of rain, repeated ten times a year, is the norm here. I miss the beach, the breeze, and sticking it to the 4-wheelers in traffic. Beautiful living down there. I'm envious!

  10. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    i know all about it... I warned you. I have built 5 and mini bike (all different). The term "obsession" gets thrown around my house every now and then. Happy my wife is cool about it, cause it could have caused a divorce in a lesser marriage.
  11. Yoda Bob

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    A question:

    I'm picturing something like a Surly Big Dummy with a 35CC 4-stroke and a geared belt drive. Off the shelf pricing in the $3K range is way beyond my means at the present time.

    An Xtracycle FreeRadical hanging off the back of my old Giant Rincon looks do-able (cost wise), but I'm reading here that the Xtracycle extension may not be compatible with my power choice. I'm a big guy and concerned about flex and durability of the Xtracycle piece anyways.

    I've got skills and tools. I've built and modded bike frames since I was 10 years old. I'm also a decent (but slow) wheel builder. I know what I like, and I know how to build it, but...

    This is new territory for me.

    I don't need to reinvent the wheel, here. I'm real curious if you might know of an affordable means of achieving my goal or recall having seen here or elsewhere something that might make sense for an old, fat, cripple who's not yet ready to hang up his riding gloves.

    A big, strong, smooth-riding, powered bike appears to be the answer I'm looking for.

    A power unit hanging from an extended rear sub-frame looks like it might work.

    Any suggestions?


  12. professor

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    I tell guys to have brakes on both ends of whatever they pick, I like a suspension fork and suspension seat post, a big fat seat and handlebars you don't have to bend over to grab.
    Your a good writer, welcome to Motoredbikes!
  13. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    this one is my favorite... it matches your description pretty well. Big, comfortable, upright riding position, 35cc four stroke, belt drive. This one cost me $1000 otd. No skills and very few tools required.


    the trailer was an xtra $175 on ebay....
  14. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc. I spoke to Augie on the phone yesterday, and he said I should watch for new members from the people he's met on the trip. He is very impressed with the people and place there where you live.
    Assuming you are looking at Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines (a good reliable choice), IMO the way to go is to buy the power train, including their back wheel (unless you want to build one). A strong rear wheel is critical. Then slap it on any decent frame you can find. Then you can take your time building, or finding, the frame you want. The drawback to this method is that you have to choose between going for a ride and working on a frame.
  15. Happy Valley

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    Yes I do! How about this.....start a new thread somewhere, in General or maybe Traveling & Commuting would be most appropriate if ya like.
    It's a good topic.
  16. Yoda Bob

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    Thanks for all of your excellent suggestions!

    I would very much like to continue this discussion and will notify each of you when I resume it in an appropriate thread.