Tell us your actual gas mileage average and details of your ride!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MikeSSS, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. MikeSSS

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    I'm asking because I'm getting about 114 mpg average, over 131 miles. I thought the mileage would be higher, 114 is mot much higher than a Honda Metropolitan or Yamaha C3.

    There have been reports of much higher mileage.

    Bike is a Trek mtn bike, Straton friction drive, Subaru Robin 33.5 cc 4 stroke. I'm about 235 lb, suited up and ready to go.

    My speeds are in the 12 to 19 mph range and I stop for every stop sign.

    If you keep accurate mileage...what are you getting, bike, motor, mount, etc?

    Did you expect more, less or the same?


    Mike in San Antonio

  2. butre

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    at 235 pounds, you're not exactly small. that 33.5cc engine is working hard to propel you. I get about 90 miles per gallon on a 66 cc 2 stroke but mine tops out at nearly 50 miles per hour. I can get triple digits if I baby it but there's no fun in that.
  3. Timbone

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    On my first build, I did some pretty careful measurements. The bike platform was a 700c fixie with smooth tires. I did a measured 3 mile urban round trip several times and could complete that on less than 5 oz of gas. That's at least 75 mpg. A lot of stop and go in that 3 miles.

    On the same motorbike, I completed a 25 mile work commute on 35 oz of gas. That comes out to about 90 mpg.

    All this on a "one speed" 66cc 2 stroke, urban and pretty flat with lots of stop signs and red lights.

    I am using the same engine on my current build, a beefy mountain bike platform with thick tread 26" tires - again "one speed". Today I rode 40 miles on less than a half gallon, so I know I am getting at least 80 mpg.

    I never run WOT, and my cruising speed is from 20 to 25 mph. When I get on the open road, I am running at high revs at about 26 mph. I'll run it like like whenever possible but I keep the revs reasonable.